Jamaican Cannabis Launching for German Medical Cannabis Patients

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BERLIN – European cannabis company Cantourage and Australian-based operator Cannim are now deepening their partnership with the introduction of an innovative new Jamaican cannabis strain to Germany pharmacies.

The launch of HummingBud follows just four weeks after that of Lumir, the first Jamaican medical cannabis flower product to be made available in Germany. Cantourage has experienced very high demand for Lumir since it introduced the product on 20 August, highlighting the strong interest from German patients and pharmacies in Jamaican-grown medical cannabis options.

The cannabis strain used in HummingBud is brand new to the EU medical market, representing an expansion of treatment options for patients in Germany.

EU medical markets are very highly regulated, with stringent requirements across Europe for the manufacturing and subsequent release of medical cannabis products. In order to meet such exacting regulatory requirements, Cantourage subjects the cannabis to a sophisticated treatment process, which uses a particularly gentle microbial reduction process and avoids the application of irradiation. This allows Cantourage to significantly reduce the microbial load as required, while maintaining the unique natural terpene profile of the flowers. This in turn ensures consistent quality and a continuous supply of Cantourage products to patients.

Philip Schetter, CEO of Cantourage, comments: “Following the successful launch of Lumir, the first ever Jamaican medical cannabis in Germany, we are delighted to be able to expand our product offer for patients. With HummingBud, we have now brought the second Jamaican medical cannabis product to German pharmacies, significantly expanding treatment options and introducing a brand cannabis strain to the EU. The very high levels of demand for Lumir over the past month mean that we expect HummingBud to enjoy significant popularity among doctors, pharmacists and patients in Germany. We look forward to meeting this need in the market.”

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