Highly Capitalized Editorial Principles

Highly Capitalized is dedicated to upholding our Editorial Principles and to preserving its independence, integrity, and freedom from bias in news except where it is labelled as an advertising or advertorial or paid content, in the Spotlight section.

Editorial Principles – the history of Highly Capitalized

Highly Capitalized is a business news service serving the emerging cannabis, hemp, CBD and legal psychedelic medicine & new wellness markets.

Highly Capitalized itself is obliged and committed to apply the Core Principles to its operations. Highly Capitalized safeguards our Core Principles as they apply to the Highly Capitalized business and require Highly Capitalized Directors, in the performance of their duties, to have due regard to the Core Principles, by the proper exercise of their powers and in accordance with their other duties as Directors.

The Editorial Principles are:

  1. That Highly Capitalized shall at no time pass into the hands of any one interest, group, or faction;
  2. That the integrity, independence, and freedom from bias of Highly Capitalized shall at all times be fully preserved;
  3. That Highly Capitalized shall supply unbiased and reliable news services to newspapers, news agencies, broadcasters, and other media subscribers and to businesses, governments, institutions, individuals, and others with whom Highly Capitalized has or may have contracts;
  4. That Highly Capitalized shall pay due regard to the many interests in cannabis such as advocacy groups which it serves in addition to those of the media; and
  5. That no effort shall be spared to expand, develop, and adapt the news and other services and products of Highly Capitalized so as to create and maintain its leading position in the wellness news and information business.

Highly Capitalized’s directors of Highly Capitalized (known as ‘Editorial Committee’) have a duty to ensure, to the extent possible, that the Editorial Principles are complied with by the Editorial Committee which operates Highly Capitalized editorial and content direction.

Independence of Highly Capitalized

Customers across the world depend on us to provide them with reliable and objective news and information. Highly Capitalized is held in a blind trust in California.

This means that we have a special need to safeguard our independence and integrity and avoid any bias which may stem from control by specific individuals or interests in cannabis.

The Highly Capitalized  Core Principles were adopted in 2020 and include the preservation of integrity, reliability of news, development of the news business, and related principles.

For all of us at Highly Capitalized, the Core Principles are fundamental to our entire business.