Highly Capitalized is a news and information service for the legal cannabis and psilocybin industries. Highly Capitalized is managed and operated by an editorial committee. The business itself is held in a California trust in order to maintain editorial integrity. We clearly demarcate editorial from ‘’advertorial,’’ or paid, content. We make money through the sale of advertising and sponsorships on our network.


Highly Capitalized was formed of cannabis media professionals to provide comprehensive business and lifestyle editorial content for the burgeoning legal markets of cannabis and psilocybin. We aim to provide our readers with unique stories and insights surrounding the cannabis industry. We reach the hard-to-reach cannabis investors and leaders through our multiplatform news network including web, mobile, syndication partners, and newsletters.

We seek to demystify the cannabis financial markets and industry. Our content will focus on the cannabis financial markets as well as brands – two vital areas generating the most interest and focus in cannabis.


Highly Capitalized’s mission is to be a positive force for good in the global cannabis industry. More than a vital news source for people investing and working in the cannabis industry, we advocate for the full legalization of cannabis and the expungement of all non-violent cannabis law violators has taken place. We will not achieve our mission until cannabis is fully legalized and we have created a society that is just, non-discriminatory, and provides equal opportunity for all. E Pluribus Unum.

Our Values

Caring – we care about what we do.

Sharing – we share information freely.

Daring – we are not afraid to take on the bigger topics and ‘’talk truth to power.’’

The team – we are fiercely loyal to one another and to our mission.

Our People

Deborah Johnson: VP Operations

Bradon Young: VP Sales

Samuel Popejoy: HCN Investigative Editor

Greg Hasty: Director of Production & Sponsored Content

Bonnie Collins: CEO & Director of Digital Operations

Dennis Lovelace: Creative Services Director

Mark Collins: President

Victoria Billones: Editorial & Content Manager

Sean Ryan: Editorial & Content Manager

Ally Murphy: Client Manager

Oscar Gonzales: Webmaster