Germany Legalizes Adult-Use Cannabis via Cannabis Clubs & Home Grow Cultivation

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BERLIN–The German government’s plan to legalize cannabis has been scaled back, with home cultivation and cannabis social clubs becoming the primary means of supply for German cannabis users. The revised plan, presented by German health minister Karl Lauterbach, comes after months of discussions with the European Commission on the feasibility of Germany’s preliminary plan to legalize cannabis.

The outcome has been eagerly awaited by politicians, businesses, and users alike. Under the scaled-back plan, adults will be allowed to grow up to three cannabis plants at home and purchase cannabis in clubs of up to 500 members. Possession of up to 25 grams of cannabis will also be made legal, with restrictions on advertising and consumption in specific areas.

The new plan has two pillars, with the first being home cultivation and cannabis clubs. The second pillar involves regional model projects to build commercial supply chains, which will be evaluated constantly over a five-year period. Lauterbach stated that the German government will make a concerted effort to find supporters in Europe for this progressive, prevention-oriented cannabis policy.

The revised plan has faced some criticism, with opposition lawmakers expressing their disapproval of strict THC ceilings in cannabis clubs for young adults as they fear it will drive consumers to the black market. However, supporters of the plan, including Carmen Wegge from Lauterbach’s Social Democratic Party, maintain that the German government is choosing a safe path in terms of European law.

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