Omura Vaporizer Introduces Another Consumption Method to Cannabis Market

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The cannabis landscape is evolving rapidly, with more people exploring the plant than ever before. But rolling a joint or having a dab of oil may not be for everyone, especially for those who need a simple yet intuitively effective way to consume.

Enter the Omura. Conceived by a team of experts formerly in the tobacco space, this heat-not-burn device uses an innovative pre-filled stick system as a convenient and consistent way to vaporize both THC and CBD flower.

Mike Simpson, Co-founder and CEO of Omura, spent 16 years developing harm reduction technology for tobacco companies before he began his foray into cannabis. A decade in Japan heavily influenced Simpson’s vision for the company. During that time, interest in non-combustible “smoking” began to rise, and with it came a barrage of new ways to deliver nicotine to the body. 

Simpson knew the cannabis industry needed something similar to what he had previously helped build. He noted that while non-combustion cannabis vaporizers existed prior to the invention of the Omura, the options on the market were not ideal for all consumers because of the need to constantly load material that eventually cakes on the heating chambers.

“I, along with our co-founders decided to start the Omura brand based on the Japanese ethos of precision and purity,” Simpson told HCN. “The Omura is clean, convenient, and hygienic. These are the fundamental differences.” 

Pre-Filled Paper Sticks and Preset Sessions Make Omura a Breeze to Use

Ease of use and a consistent experience were two of the most crucial factors Simpson and his team had in mind when building the Omura platform. Their first offering, the Omura Series I, hit the market only eight months after conception, a breakneck speed considering they had to literally build all of the technology from the ground up (securing plenty of intellectual property along the way).

However their latest iteration, the Series X, truly takes the system to the next level. Here’s how it works:

Pre-filled FSC reinforced certified paper sticks are placed in a chamber at the top of the device. A light vibration lets you know the unit is turned on. A convection heating element inside automatically begins to increase in temperature (no button required) while three lights on the outside indicate when the three-minute session has begun.

Draw from the exposed end of the pre-filled stick to get a clean hit rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. Two heating curves (one for THC and one for CBD) maximizes flavor and vapor output. When the session ends, you simply take the stick out and toss it in the compost or trash – no cleaning required. Return the unit to its charging base to keep it powered up and running at peak performance.

Each pre-filled stick contains 0.15 grams of ground cannabis. In California, Omura has partnered with a number of quality brands, including Humboldt’s Finest and TSO Sonoma, to offer boxes of 12 sticks throughout the state. THC products are also available in dispensaries in Massachusetts, with more states looking to join the platform in the coming months. 

There are also several CBD lines available for Omura users, available for shipping to 40 states.

“We want our customers to feel like they have options, that they can get the thing that’s right for them, that’s right for their mood, that’s right for their night out or their evening in, or hiding from the kids in the closet – because you need three minutes to yourself,” laughed Shannon Reed, Omura’s VP of Marketing. “Whatever version of that day you’re having, we want to make sure we’ve got something for you in that moment.”

Series X Already Making Waves, “This is the Beginning,” Co-Founder Declares

Simpson and his team knew the Series X would be a game-changer. Meticulous planning and award-winning designer Michael Young’s sleek vision combined with Omura’s patented technology resulted in a device reminiscent of a futuristic smartphone, bringing cannabis consumption to a new level. 

The device, available in four colors, is already garnering rave reviews across the board and earning a Good Design Award for its cutting-edge technology and compatibility. 

Many companies would take such accolades as a chance to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. But for Simpson and the folks at Omura, the success of the Series X is the only the start of something truly exciting.

“This isn’t the end of our line,” he said. “This is the beginning of our story.”

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