Legendary Hashmaker Nikka T Drops New Collab With Doc Green’s

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BERKELEY, Calif., – Doc Green’s, the Berkeley, California-based maker of craft solventless cannabis concentrates and infused pre-rolls, has always put the community first. From their rich history as topical makers and proponents of patients’ rights to their endless quest for quality, the team will stop at nothing to deliver the best of the best. 

Their latest collab with legendary hash-maker Nikka T is no exception. The multi-time Cannabis Cup winner, reggae DJ, and founder of Essential Extracts has delivered another drop certain to impress concentrate connoisseurs across the board. 

The limited-edition Ice Cream Cake cold cured live rosin is nothing short of phenomenal, produced with the utmost care and consideration in the traditional method. Fresh flower cultivated by his close friends at North Fork Farms in San Andreas was sent for an initial wash by the skilled team at Doc Green’s, after which Nikka T rejoined to help press the hash into rosin and cold cure it to perfection. 

Offering a fresh diesel aroma and mellowing effect, this small batch is truly one for the ages. Simply opening the jar is impressive — loud doesn’t even begin to describe the scent that hits you.

“I have truly been enjoying the gassy, creamy cultivars, but especially when they have that piercing floral anise note to them,” Nikka T (real name Nick Tanem) told Highly Capitalized

Legacy Roots Influenced Collaboration

When asked what led Nikka T to develop his new rosin alongside Doc Green’s, his answer was all about respect and adoration for those who came before.

“This batch was inspired by my connections in the industry and to the legacy farmers and brands that have fought through the red tape in order to fulfill the needs of the patients and consumers.”

Elise McRoberts, Chief Marketing Officer at Doc Green’s, echoed that sentiment.

“As proud Prop 215 survivors, we’re committed to working with other legacy operators, especially our local and fellow craft producers, because we really believe that working together is how we preserve the cannabis culture we all love and cherish. Sadly we know many colleagues and friends from the medical era who were unable to enter the new adult-use market due to prohibitive costs and other barriers to entry; we never take for granted how blessed we are to still be making cannabis medicine for consumers of all types.”

Prop. 215, which McRoberts alluded to, legalized medical cannabis in California in 1996 and framed the state’s industry up until adult-use was approved in 2018. Despite its rich history, many of the operators who once existed within the space were shut out of the more corporate-leaning legal market of today. The desire to stay true to the industry’s roots is front of center for both sides of Doc Green’s/Nikka T collab.

“I’ve known the Doc Green’s crew for a long time, back to the Prop. 215 days when Elie aka Sticky of the team was one of the first to distribute topicals at events — my mom loved them!” Nikka T exclaimed. “Doc Green’s is family to me.”

Fire is the Future, With Consumers Front and Center

After a wildly successful drop of Frittlez live rosin in the summer of 2020 left fans wanting more, Doc Green’s and Nikka T knew they needed to team up again.

“Not everyone who wanted Frittlez was able to secure an order and so we had many partners and fans upset that they were missing out. We knew another collab with Nick would produce an amazing product and make a lot of people happy,” said McRoberts.

The Ice Cream Cake release was met with much fanfare, and the team at Doc Green’s is already working on their next release. A live rosin pre-filled cartridge is set to hit dispensaries soon. McRoberts also noted a partnership with Humboldt Farms, stating their production of the flower brand’s infused pre-rolls is another exciting example of the company’s commitment to collaborating with legacy and equity cultivators.

But for her, Nikka T, and the rest of the folks at Doc Green’s, it’s still about the community first.

“We know many consumers are still actually patients using our products for medicinal value and/or to enhance their overall well-being,” McRoberts explained. “So as always, we’re dedicated to delivering the best cannabis — at the most affordable price — because we believe everyone deserves to feel good. High quality shouldn’t need to be a luxury.”

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