Dip Devices “Little Dipper” Promises Big Dabs From A Little Package

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For the consummate cannabis concentrate enthusiast, one form of dabbing is never enough. Sometimes a massive rig made of heady glass complete with matching blowtorch is the flavor of the moment, other times an e-nail seems fitting.

Checking all three boxes of powerful, practical, and portable is the Little Dipper. The third vaporizer offering from Denver-based Dip Devices, this slick electric honey straw packs quite the punch despite its tiny package. Simply hold down a button, apply the vapor tip to your favorite concentrate, and inhale from the mouthpiece on the opposite end for a terpene-rich and potent hit you can easily control. Three power settings allow the user to fully customize their session based on personal preference or concentrate variety.

The introduction of the Little Dipper to the company’s catalog is a move meant to help increase access to sophisticated and consistent dab experiences across the board.

“We’re very excited to bring the Little Dipper to market because it offers our best-in-class direct-to-extract technology at a very affordable price point, allowing more people to expand their concentrate consumption,” Dip Devices CEO Mike Bologna told HCN.

Despite launching mere weeks ago, the Little Dipper is quickly garnering a lot of attention and fanfare thanks to its innovative yet convenient design.

“The reaction has been immediate and very positive; we’ve already won Best New Product at the HQ Event in New Orleans, it was a true honor,” Bologna beamed.

Keeping in line with the social justice ethoshttps://dipdevices.com/pages/social-impact at the center of Dip Devices’ mission to “promote positive change both within and outside of the cannabis industry,” a portion of each sale will be directed to one of three initiatives.

“The Little Dipper comes in three colors, each with the goal of raising awareness and donations for specific charitable causes — all of which our team is passionate about,” explained Bologna, adding black devices support racial justice via the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, yellow devices support bee preservation via Operation Honey Bee, and blue devices support Marine Conservation via Oceana.

The Little Dipper joins the original Dipper and EVRI vaporizers in the company’s product suite, seemingly offering something for everyone. At only $29.99, the Little Dipper is a great and cost-efficient way to get the functionality of a honey straw device in a powerful yet compact device.


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