High THC Cannabis Does NOT Equal Quality Cannabis

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LOS ANGELES–When it comes to the quality of cannabis, the misconception that higher THC content equates to a better high is widespread. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. THC, the specific compound in cannabis that gets you high, is not a reliable indicator of potency or quality. Despite this, the industry often perpetuates this myth, leading to higher prices for strains with higher THC percentages.

One of the reasons why higher THC does not guarantee a better high is because there is no regulation of the labs that test for THC potency. This lack of regulation means that the results can vary widely depending on the lab that does the testing, leading to potential errors in the reported THC percentage. Moreover, research has shown that THC potency does not track with intoxication levels. Once cannabinoids fill up the receptors in the brain that create intoxication, additional cannabinoids have less of an impact because the receptors are already full.

To determine the quality of cannabis, it’s important to look beyond the THC percentage. The entourage effect, where all of the components of cannabis work together to create a unique experience, plays a crucial role in the quality of the high. There are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, each with the potential to impact your high. Terpenes, the aromatic compounds that affect flavor, scent, and overall vibe, are also crucial in determining the quality of flower and the way the body responds to cannabis.

Cannabis competitions, such as the Emerald Cup, demonstrate that the highest THC flower rarely wins. Connoisseurs recognize that the quality of cannabis is dependent on the entourage effect and the overall experience, rather than just the THC percentage. Focusing solely on THC content robs the consumer of the full, well-rounded experience that different types of cannabis can offer.


When determining what cannabis is best for you, trust your senses. Look for bright colors, fewer seeds and stems, and sugary, sticky, terpene-rich trichomes. The aroma should be pungent and complex, matching your preferred flavor profile. Additionally, reviews and strain descriptions can provide valuable insights into the strain’s intensity and effects. You can also ask a local budtender for a custom recommendation based on your individual taste, needs, and preferences.

Any emerging industry is pretty chaotic so things change all the time. But the stubborn adherence to high THC is not a long-term positioning.  All research shows that THC content is not the only indicator of quality when it comes to cannabis. While THC is the compound responsible for the high, there are numerous other factors that contribute to the overall experience.

The entourage effect, the presence of other cannabinoids and terpenes, and the overall quality of the flower are all important factors to consider. By looking beyond the THC percentage and trusting your senses, you can find the perfect strain for your individual needs and preferences.

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