Generation Hemp Officially Launches Gas Monkey Spill-Jack Hemp Product Line

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DALLAS, Sept. 6, 2022 Generation Hemp, Inc., in collaboration with Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage, today announced the official launch of its Gas Monkey Spill-Jack consumer goods hemp product line. Gas Monkey Spill-Jack is an all-natural, plant-based, sustainable, and biodegradable loose absorbent made from the hemp hurd byproduct that is produced by the Company’s hemp processing operations. This is the second consumer goods product produced by Generation Hemp.

There are several types of spill absorbents with varying characteristics within three general categories – mineral based, animal or vegetable based, and synthetic or organic polymers. The challenge in choosing an absorbent is finding an effective material that does not pose a threat to either health or the environment, whether that threat is posed when that material is procured or used. For example, a widely used spill absorbent material in products is Bentonite Clay. This is often a very dusty material and has warnings of containing unsafe levels of lead (FDA) and has been associated with a number of health complaints in humans.

When Generation Hemp’s processing facility operations often led to thick and sticky hemp oil messes similar to spills in an automotive garage, the facility managers started to use hemp hurd to soak up those spills, because kitty litter and other chemical based products could not be used around the crops being processed. When they saw how well it worked, they took it to neighboring businesses to try out further. They found that it worked faster and better than the kitty litter stand by in other applications. Chairman and CEO of Generation Hemp, Inc. commented, “We began experimenting and testing hemp hurd’s efficacy against all the industrial absorbent standard go-tos. Spill-Jack performed as well or better against every other material. Most of the current products used are not the best environmental options, and other eco-friendly options just don’t perform as well. When we brought the milled hemp stalks to Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage, I think everyone was somewhat stunned at Spill-Jack’s performance.” Evans continued, “Our team was very excited to collaborate with Richard and Gas Monkey. Getting the stamp of approval from such a well known automotive brand is one thing, but to then have the founder put his brand behind our product was just unexpected. In fact, it was our visit to Gas Monkey Garage that inspired our product’s name, Spill-Jack. If you can jack up a car, you can jack up a spill!”

The initial products in the Gas Monkey Spill-Jack line will come in three different sizes: a large 20 pound bag that can absorb approximately 24 gallons of oil, a medium sized bag that can absorb approximately 9 liters of oil, and mini-bag singles sold individually or in six-packs and can be kept in the purse or glove box to clean up any spills on the go, including pet messes.

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