Innovation and technology, pillars of success for PuraVerde Cannabis

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What are some of the factors that can help predict if a cannabis company will be successful long term? This is a very hard question to answer nowadays, considering that the US is heading to a recession, and whatever capital available to invest is being carefully allocated. Understandably, investors have different risk thresholds and tolerances, but there is one sector of the industry that keeps holding the interest of many, even with the current and future financial outlooks.

The medical cannabis sector is one that maintains its grip on investors and VCs alike, and much of the interest comes because there is more data coming out from studies, trials, and personal experience, of the many therapeutic capabilities of the wonderful cannabis plant. We humbly suggest that a company’s capabilities of developing innovative products, molecules and formulations is one way to determine the long-term success of it in the industry, not only because of the plant’s properties themselves, but also since the average consumer is interested in many consumption modalities that can be adapted to their lifestyle, wellness goals, and health benefits that the plant provides. PuraVerde’s team understood this since their inception in 2018, when the medical market became live in their home state of Oklahoma. Currently working with 13 brands (including private labeling), the team has made innovation and technology a pillar of success, and it has paid off as the company has made over $10M of revenue just between 2020 and 2021, and still growing strong.

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Long-term sustainability at PuraVerde

We like to talk about innovation as a way to predict long term success because the average cannabis consumer keeps evolving, as more states and countries switch their instance with legalization. Flower products will always prevail in the market, but there is increasing interest in other forms of consumption, involving also blends of certain cannabinoids of natural and synthetic origins. The team at PuraVerde took this to set themselves apart with creating a proprietary process of obtaining THC from CBD, and transforming CBD to other synthetic cannabinoids, like HHC and THCO, as these two synthetics have been gaining attention from the industry and consumers alike, since these compounds can be obtained by modifying THC derived from the cannabis and hemp plants, while keeping production costs down at the same time.


PuraVerde also has been working with a nano-emulsion technology that allows THC molecules to be more rapidly absorbed by red blood cells, which alters the consumer experience as the absorption rate increases, with the end result of having more consistent and faster effects. These strategies have placed the company as one, if not the top cannabis producer in their state. Their unique approach has allowed them to bring the market of tomorrow available today, creating raving fans for the top and lower tiers of products they offer. And it’s no wonder, as their already impressive research and development facility gets ready to get a serious and significant upgrade. Find out more about Pura Verde by clicking here.


PuraVerde is going through a Series A capital raise that will be used on their three pillars of growth: Nationwide campaigning to create and foster relationships in advance of federal legalization, top talent acquisition for their mid and upper level management team to ensure long term success of the expansion plans, and last but not least expansion of R&D capabilities and automation; besides allowing them to keep cutting costs of production, this will put PuraVerde at the forefront of the intersection between pharmaceutical grade product manufacturing and cannabis, with an FDA approved R&D laboratory for synthetic cannabinoids. This is increasingly important for the industry as a whole, as we discussed earlier, and will open up more doors for operators, investors and patients/consumers, as the market size increases with the interest in the plant’s medical benefits.


Many experts in the field (manufacturers, researchers, clinicians, and others) agree that the industry will prioritize making specific molecule compounds to treat specific conditions. PuraVerde is positioning the company to be ready to serve at the highest compliance level to produce affordable, high quality, safe pharmaceutical grade natural and synthetic cannabis products. Their capital raise is a great opportunity to look beyond federal legalization, and to tap into the almost unlimited potential this plant has, to heal, provide a better quality of life, alleviate suffering, all while allocating capital to a more stable sector of the industry.


Another interesting perspective on this is the fact that it has been reported that big pharmaceutical companies lose a considerable level of revenue when a new state becomes legal (for medicinal or recreational markets). With the current wave of legalization in the US, and the fact that many consumers are using cannabis as medicine, perhaps without a medical card, it is of no surprise that the medicinal market is going to continue to grow over the years, and therefore the possibilities of coming up with targeted, effective, safe, and affordable products. By supporting the research efforts from today, investors and operators are bringing the market of tomorrow available sooner than expected, and we can’t wait to see what PuraVerde’s team can achieve with their ambitious research and development plans. Investors can find their deck and more information on PuraVerde’s capital raise here, on Highly Capitalized.Find out more about Pura Verde by clicking here.

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