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It doesn’t come very often the opportunity to completely revolutionize and disrupt not one, not two, but at least three industries at the same time, with a simple yet efficacious technology developed by an A list team. This introduction does not serve justice to set the tone for Impact Naturals, a health technology company specializing in a technology that increases the absorption of medications, supplements, and other molecules by the body.

The leadership team is formed of five individuals with vast combined expertise in entrepreneurship and in health technologies, research and development, marketing, among other skills, and their innovative approach to solving the everlasting problem of absorption of lipophilic molecules is simple, yet revolutionary.

So, what’s at the core of the problem the team at Impact Naturals is solving? We first need to talk about how certain compounds are absorbed by the body:

  • Many supplements, medications, vitamins, and the like are either water soluble or fat soluble.
  • Our bodies are made of about 70% water, which means that a lot of fat-soluble molecules have a harder time to be absorbed by our bodies, compared to water-soluble molecules. This poses a challenge because our bodies tend to absorb a very small percentage of fat-soluble molecules (resulting in low bioavailability in the bloodstream, tissues, and cells), increasing its waste, and decreasing the efficacy and health benefits related to consumption.
  • However, our bodies count with a mechanism that enables it to absorb fatty molecules and transport them to the lymphatic system and then to the bloodstream.

CHYLOSOMA: a revolutionary technology with the potential of forever changing the pharmaceutical, supplements and overall health industries

Chylomicrons are particles formed in intestinal cells that contain fat and protein molecules that intervene in the absorption and transportation of fats consumed in our diet. This is the basis of Impact Natural’s innovative technology, CHYLOSOMA™. This technology uses the natural body’s environment of fat absorption, increasing the bioavailability of a molecule by providing the components in nanosized particles easily digested for entry into intestinal cells, where they are packaged into high quality chylomicrons and then transported throughout the body in the bloodstream.

For example, CBD and other cannabinoids, Vitamins A, D, E, and K, and many pharmaceuticals and supplements are fat-soluble; this means that oral consumption does not reach 100% absorption in the small intestine, usually falling in the 10% range and 90% of elimination from the body.

Imagine that for any given fat-soluble molecule using this technology, one can ensure 30 times the absorption rate while increasing the onset of beneficial effects, all with a lower dose compared to similar compounds not using this technology. This is the revolutionary aspect of this incredible technology, and the reason why we call Impact Naturals and their team creative disruptors of several industries.

What are the benefits of this technology? Many, and for many stakeholders; by lowering the dosing and unit consumption size (therefore making it more convenient to the patient/consumer), the manufacturer not only has the ability to reduce costs of goods, but also achieve higher clinical/therapeutic efficacy as this technology avoids first pass metabolism of the molecule by the liver, incrementing the delivery of the molecule to cells and tissue. It has the potential for better blood-brain penetration (very important for central nervous system treatments and supplements) and can also help in reducing clinical development risk due to the decreased dose needed to see the related benefits of the molecule associated to the technology, with the added potential to modify the molecule’s release for faster or slower onset.

This is not only an absolutely exciting concept, but it has also been developed and patented with continuously evolving IP that can be tried out with Impact Naturals products available in the market.

Investors can find Impact Natural’s deck and information here.


These are exciting times for the cannabis industry, particularly for CBD; even with the noise in this section of the industry, the therapeutic and lifestyle applications of CBD are ever growing, and Impact Naturals line of THC-free cannabinoids is proof of this. With their patented CHYLOSOMA™ technology, they have launched their product line REVIVE, RESTORE and REST to the market in June 2021; the line can be consumed throughout the day to provide much needed support for hectic mornings (REVIVE), anxiety, stress and pain management during the day (RESTORE), and for getting a restful night of sleep (REST). The line combines the cannabinoids CBD, CBN and CBG, with other supplements to support the function desired for the time of the day selected. The broad spectrum, high absorption, faster and prolonged action of the combinations has created raving fans of the products, and Impact Naturals is bringing this technology to the healthcare industry to improve the lives of other patients/consumers.

What are the opportunities associated? Glad you asked, let’s dive in!


The roadmap: CHYLOSOMA‘S technology represents an opportunity to tap into the clinical research space without the red-tape and costs usually associated to clinical studies.

As previously mentioned, the Team at Impact Naturals have vast experience in research and development, and they have identified three key areas in which this technology can be utilized for overall optimization of the research enterprise, including costs, regulatory requirements and getting products to market.


  • Prescription Drugs: There are many cancer and other oral therapies that can be tapped into to increase their bioavailability, therefore improving their efficacy profiles. There is an abbreviated regulatory path with the FDA [505(b)(2)] that can substantially decrease costs and time for clinical development using safety and efficacy data from currently approved drugs. Opportunities for improvement exist in migraine products, oncology and neurodegenerative treatment drugs, and the veterinarian market, among others, with multiple exit opportunities and potential partners for each business line for larger scale development and launch.


  • Vitamins and Supplements:

 Cannabinoids: Impact Naturals’ current portfolio includes three products with different cannabinoids formulation; this portfolio will be expanded to include other oral and topical formulations using the same technology, particularly targeting THC products, with the aim to make more predictable and controllable dosing, enhancing the cannabis experience desired by the patient/consumer.

o Vitamins and Supplements: It is known the American population is subject to many vitamin deficiencies, which translates to poor health outcomes in the long term. Increasing the bioavailability of some fat-soluble vitamins is becoming more and more important for the public, as the effects of vitamin deficiencies become more noticeable and burdensome in the general public and our society. One of the most important vitamins affected by this situation is Vitamin D, which is absolutely essential for our bodies’ functioning. Other supplements equally important, that can be benefited by the CHYLOSOMA technology are CoQ10 (an antioxidant) and curcuminoids (with anti-inflammatory properties); with the chronic proinflammatory environment we live nowadays, these supplements are getting more and more attention as they support the overall well-being of the body via diverse mechanisms.

o Functional Foods: these are formulated for a patient that requires the product as a major treatment modality. Tapping in this market helps address an increasing need as the global market by 2020 was of $20.15B with a 5% expected annual growth rate. With lower developmental and regulatory hurdles compared to prescription drugs, this represents another opportunity to serve a market of patients with malnutrition, certain kidney diseases, critically ill patients, among others, under the supervision of a physician.

With all of this said, we can conclude this is a unique opportunity to disrupt well established industries and enhance the health benefits of many products, increasing the quality of life of very diverse populations, all with safety and efficacy accounted for in the use of this revolutionary technology. The therapeutic and practical applications for CHYLOSOMA will not end with what has been presented in this article; investors not only have a rare chance of tapping into these markets with Impact Naturals, but also have the opportunity of doing an enormous amount of good for many customers, patients, and consumers, all while keeping costs of doing business down and making profits. Investors, you can find the Team’s deck Here.

Investors can find Impact Natural’s deck and information here.

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