Cannabis Industry Gets Behind The ”Bud For Blood” Initiative

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LOS ANGELES–Several cannabis industry organizations today announced they have joined forces to create “BudforBlood,” a public health education campaign designed to increase awareness of the critical blood shortage in the U.S. and inspire a new generation to become blood donors. 

In addition to consumer education, the campaign is asking the cannabis industry and their customers to “just donate” and post a selfie of themselves doing so with the hashtag #budforblood. The first 100 donors who also submit a selfie, or other proof of donation via the project website ( will receive a free hemp t-shirt featuring sponsors who are underwriting the campaign.

Participating sponsors to date include Abstrax, Budwiz, Cannaline, Jeeter, Push Delivery, Quiver Financial and Toasty Hemp Co. 

BudforBlood was created by cannabis industry veteran Kristen Yoder, host of the CannaBS Detector podcast and founder of apparel brand, Cynical Stoner. 


Kristen Yoder, Founder, Bud For Blood

“When I learned about the current blood shortage, I decided to donate for the first time and it made me feel like a real hero knowing I was directly helping save lives,” said Yoder. “Cannabis consumer demographics align with those of a desired blood donor population, and cannabis use has no impact on donor eligibility, so it struck me to reach out to my peers in the industry with a goal to educate consumers about the huge impact they can make through donating blood.” 

In addition to the commercial sponsors, Yoder has enrolled the participation of several media partners, including Beard Bros., Respect My Region, WeedWeek, LA Cannabis News, State of Cannabis, Ganjapreneur, Canivision, The Bluntness, Highly Capitalized, Cannigma and Vee, Traveling Canna Writer. 

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries. The American Red Cross says the current blood shortage is due to a 10 percent decrease in overall blood donations since March 2020, and a 62 percent drop in college and high school blood drives due to the pandemic. 

The need for blood is constant, however only about three percent of age-eligible people donate blood yearly. Because cannabis consumption has no impact on donor eligibility, and consumers are largely successful, educated and health-conscious, they are highly likely to be open to becoming blood donors. The cannabis industry, which continues to prove its value to state and local economies, is comprised of socially responsible professionals who recognize the importance of healthcare and safe access to medicine, and who want to give back in this time of need. 

BudforBlood is not affiliated with the American Red Cross or any specific blood donation organization. It is an independently created awareness initiative to help address the critical blood shortages across the country through an orchestrated online education campaign and incentivized with a free hemp t-shirt with proof of donation. 

The BudforBlood campaign will run from May 10 to July 10, 2022. For more information and to get involved, visit or follow @budforblood on Instagram and use hashtags #budforblood, #giveblood, #justdonateblood, #stonersmakegreatdonors. 

For further information: Contact: Tony Winders at [email protected]; 818-554-9236

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