National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services Names Rocco Petrilli CEO and President

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DURANGO, Colo. – National Cannabis Risk Prevention Services (NCRPS) has appointed Rocco Petrilli to the full-time position of CEO and president. The move, as announced by the company’s board of directors, came in response to the growing acceptance of NCRPS products and services in the US cannabis industry and the recognized need to focus on NCRPS’s emergence as the market leader in the provision of risk management to the US cannabis market. He previously served as president of NCRPS, where, along with the team lead by Alex Hearding, Chief Risk Management Officer, they facilitated the development of a comprehensive risk assessment tool, CRP2™, that produces a full business framework assessment series of risk scores. These scores form the basis for customized NCRMA developed and sanctioned education and consultation that drive improvement and better placement in the limited cannabis financial, banking and insurance markets.

Petrilli also serves as Chairman of the National Cannabis Risk Management Association (NCRMA), leading its creation and growth as the only dedicated cannabis risk management association in the Americas. NCRMA was recently acquired as a wholly owned subsidiary of NCRPS.

In addition to his role with NCRPS, Petrilli served as interim president of the insurance captive management company through its launch of the TRICHOME™ branded products since September 2020. This position ended on May 31, 2022.

“The weak state of risk management significantly threatens the growth and sustainability of the US cannabis market,” stated Petrilli. “Our decision to separately launch a company that provides deep and measured risk improvement designed to facilitate the normalizing of the broad cannabis financial and insurance markets represents our firm commitment to solving these issues.”

A 30-year business executive and veteran of the automotive components manufacturing and fractional executive industries, Petrilli has extensive experience in all aspects of global and multinational business planning and development. He also specializes in risk management and talent optimization, achieving multiple team victories in more than a dozen business startups by creating the proper organizational architecture and ensuring continuous improvement. Mr. Petrilli earned a BSc in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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