5 Unique Benefits of Delta-8-THC

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The cannabis plant has hundreds of active compounds, including dozens of different cannabinoids. While THC and CBD remain the dominant players in the marketplace, several lesser-known cannabinoids are beginning to gain traction. One such molecule is delta-8-THC, an analog of the popular delta-9-THC cannabinoid. Derived from both hemp and traditional cannabis, delta-8-THC is widely available in vape pen and dab form across the country and so far remains in the same legal space as CBD in the eyes of the federal government.


Demand for delta-8 has been steadily increasing thanks in part to its multitude of perceived benefits. Here are five unique benefits of the cannabinoids.


Delta-8 is Psychoactive, But Only Mildly


Often referred to as “THC light,” delta-8 mimics the effects of traditional delta-9-THC but without the overwhelming high associated with it. This results in less paranoia and may be preferential for those who wish to elevate their activities in a gentler fashion. It also binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, leading to a longer-lasting and more consistent experience.


Delta-8 May Decrease Anxiety


While one side effect of delta-9-THC may be increased worry, delta-8 may have the opposite effect. As mentioned above, the molecules interact with both types of endocannabinoid receptors. This can promote the endocannabinoid system’s overall performance, returning the body to perfect harmony. This leads to more feelings of calm and relaxation.


Delta-8 Has Been Shown to Eliminate Nausea


For those dealing with an upset stomach, delta-8 may be the antidote. In 1995, researchers administered the cannabinoid to pediatric chemotherapy recipients suffering from treatment-induced nausea. The results were overwhelming, with 100% of the patients reporting decreased symptoms. 


Delta-8 Could Shrink Tumors


Several cannabinoids have shown promise as cancer fighters, delta-8 being one of them. A 1975 study saw tumors in mice reduced as the result of delta-8 treatment. In fact, delta-9-THC and CBN were all seen as potentially viable treatments. While the pool was relatively small, the results were indeed exciting.

Delta-8 May Reduce Pain and Inflammation


Next time you’re suffering from swollen joints or muscle aches, you may want to reach for the delta-8. A 2018 study found the cannabinoid to be successful at treating mice suffering from pain and inflammation, with a follow-up study seeing similar results. Much like the previous benefit, delta-8 is not the only cannabinoid known for its anti-inflammatory properties but it may be one of the most viable.

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