US November Elections: The Tide Is Turning In The War On Drugs

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NEW YORK–November’s recent state elections in the USA this week showed the tide is turning in the War on Drugs. While the war is far from won, many battles have been fought. Some won, some lost, but progress has been made.

While November 2nd elections were not good news for the Democrats, (who lost badly in states like Virginia), the elections ushered in a raft of drug decriminalization measures in other cities and local jurisdictions who also held local elections.

The battle to decriminalize cannabis advanced in several states. Detroit down-prioritized criminalization of natural plant medicine use. Alongside the decriminalization effort, several city-level drug policy reform ballot initiatives perform well.

Outcomes of the recent battles in the War on Drugs

  • Detroit Decriminalizes Psychedelics
  • 7 Ohio Cities Vote Yes for Cannabis Decriminalization
  • Colorado Says No To More Cannabis Taxes
  • Philadelphia says Yes to Cannabis Adult Use

Detroit Says Psychedelic Arrests No Longer A Priority

While far away from full legalization or commercialization, decriminalization is a major achievement. Decriminalization with down prioritizing arrests for natural medicines is a step in the right direction.

Following their smaller neighbor, Ann Arbor, Detroit’s city council voted to decriminalized those psychedelic medicines that are natural occurring.

As in the Ann Arbor local vote, voters in Detroit agreed to “decriminalize to the fullest extent permitted under Michigan law the personal possession and therapeutic use of Entheogenic Plants by adults.”

Detroit joins Seattle and Denver in their winding down of the war on drugs.

Cannabis Taxes Bill Fails in Colorado

Prop 119 called for more taxes on the already heavily taxed plant. Lawmakers wanted a 5% tax on cannabis to fund areas like education funding and facilities. Projections show that 5% would generate a further $140M in state revenues.

However, the law lost because of the already high levels of tax on cannabis and concerns around the implementation of the law.

Philadelphia Says Yes to Adult Use Cannabis Legalization

Philly was the scene of jubilations and adult-used referendum passed successfully.  While Philadelphia succeeded, state laws still limit the progress of cannabis.

With their Republican /Conservative majority in both chambers of their local state government, it’s unlikely they will find bipartisan support for full adult legalization on a state-wide basis will materialize anytime soon.

29 Cities in Ohio Have Now Decriminalized Cannabis

In Ohio, 7 out of a total of 15 cities voted to decriminalize cannabis. The 7 will now join 22 other Ohio municipalities where cannabis is decriminalized.

While the war is not over, the battles will continue fought as America closes the unfortunate and tragic chapter in the American story of the prohibition of cannabis.

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