Women Report Less Success Reaching Their Goals with Cannabis Products

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WASHINGTON – New Frontier Data released ”Cannabis Consumers in America, Part 2: The Purposeful Consumer. ” The second part of a three-part series on cannabis consumers, the report, powered by Jointly data, provides detailed insights into the purposeful and intentional use of cannabis across America.

“Understanding consumer behavior, as well as product and experience preferences, is the backbone of any successful CPG company, and cannabis is no different,” said Gary Allen, New Frontier Data’s CEO. “By taking this understanding and applying it to the entire consumer purchase journey – from discovery to purchase – cannabis product manufacturers and retailers can fully capitalize on a U.S. legal cannabis market projected to reach $57.43 billion by 2030.”

Collected since 2020 from 80,000 cannabis users across more than 200,000 experiences with documented goals, products, doses, product effectiveness and flavor/aroma ratings, Jointly’s data revealed distinct consumption trends, including:

  • For 8 of the 11 top reasons why people use cannabis, male consumers report statistically significant better success than female consumers at achieving their goals
  • Female consumers report a higher incidence of side effects, (leading side effects are dry mouth, appetite stimulation and red-eye)
  • Cannabis drinks, edibles and tinctures perform better than inhalable products across a wide range of consumption goals
  • Relaxation and relief of everyday stress are the most popular goals reported across all consumers
  • The perceived quality/effectiveness of a consumer’s experience is determined 50% by the product and dose they choose and 50% by creating the conditions for a good experience
  • Consumers over the age of 42 report less success at achieving their consumption goals across a wide range of purposes (although they see roughly equal success with sleep and stress relief)

“The overarching theme in the data is that cannabis consumption is intentional and purposeful,” said David Kooi, CEO and Co-Founder of Jointly. “While age, gender and desired experience all play a role in determining cannabis product preference, the modern cannabis consumer is seeking out specific effects, whether that’s relaxation, pain management or enhancing a social experience. Tailoring a product to those effects and experiences can help create a meaningful connection between a brand and a consumer.”

(This information is primarily sourced from New Frontier Data.  Highly Capitalized has neither approved nor disapproved the contents of this news release. Read our Disclaimer here).

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