Woman CEO’s Top 3 Tips for Success in the Cannabis and Hemp CBD Industry.

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PORTLAND– Rowshan Reordan is the founder and CEO of Green Leaf Lab, one of the nation’s top cannabis and hemp CBD testing labs. Established in 2011, Green Leaf Lab is the 1st woman owned cannabis and hemp CBD laboratory in the United States.
The cannabis and hemp CBD industry continue to grow exponentially while the level of women in executive positions declines. A 2015 cannabis industry survey found that about 36% of executives in the United States in cannabis were women. That number dropped to 27% in 2017.  A 2019 industry survey of 166 cannabis companies found that only 17.6% of women now hold an executive role.

There are many hurtles to jump while navigating success in the cannabis and hemp CBD industry. Green Leaf Lab’s founder and CEO Rowshan shares her top 3 tips that are designed to help women in the cannabis and hemp CBD industry succeed and expand their positioning in the executive space.

Top 3 tips for women in the cannabis and hemp CBD industry:

  1. Be Heard: As a woman, your comments and viewpoints may get pushed aside. Be prepared and concise with your point. If you are interrupted, politely interrupt back, compliment their expertise, and redirect back to your points. If a colleague claims your insights as their own speak up and thank him for bringing up that point. Then follow up on a couple additional points that highlight your expertise in the subject.
  2. Build your network: Your network is your support system. They help find solutions to issues you are faced with. Do not limit your network to your gender. Establish mentors who have proven success. They give insight to support your growth. Build up your team with people who want to see you succeed.  Your team helps accomplish your goals.
  3. Practice self-care: Self-care means something different to everyone.  Find out what self-care means to you.  Make the time and prioritize yourself. Habits are not built overnight. Be committed to your self-care with the same passion you give to your job.  Regardless of what happened that day or the day before, stay committed to your self-care.

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