VJ Group Launches Cannabis Industry Division, VJ Scientific, and Unveils New Decontamination Machine

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CHELMSFORD, Mass., Oct. 12, 2022  VJ Group A global X-ray technology provider, has launched a cannabis division, VJ Scientific. The new division will engineer and manufacture high-performance and cost-effective X-ray solutions for the cannabis industry. VJ Scientific’s flagship product is a revolutionary non-thermal, non-chemical cannabis decontamination machine, “CX-1000,” which will be presented in November at MJBizCon in Las Vegas.

VJ Scientific has developed proprietary, patent-pending X-ray technology for the cannabis industry that gives cultivators an effective processing solutions to safely clean cannabis by the remediation of microbiological growth on cannabis flower.

VJ Scientific offers a solutions to many existing challenges cannabis companies face in decontamination. CX-1000’s competitive advantages include:

  • Zero Loss of Quality & Integrity –Heat and chemical-free pathogen management means the quality of cannabis is maintained. No burns, decarboxylation, chemical residue or change in potency, flavor, color or effect.
  • Proprietary Dual-Sided Irradiation Design – Patent-pending technology delivers optimal and uniform X-ray dose for a balanced and full-coverage treatment, from every angle and at any density.
  • Automatic & Intelligent Operations –Automatically compensates for variations in product density, depth, moisture content and packaging to deliver the optimal exposure every time. Minimal operator intervention required.
  • Use Any Container or Packaging – No need to transfer cannabis into a special container for processing and risk damage to cannabis trichomes. CX-1000 is flexible enough to process cannabis in any container – bins, bags, trays, or final packaging – minimizing handling and preparation time.
  • Superior Software & Data Access – Integrated multi-platform software available on mobile, desktop and built in-unit allows for real-time remote monitoring, while detailed data logs provide ultimate traceability of product over time.

“The CX-1000 outperforms all other cannabis cleaning systems currently available with its 99.9% effectiveness, revolutionary technology, innovative design and seamless user experience,” said Mark Clemons, General Manager of VJ Scientific, who leads with over 30 years of experience designing, building and managing capital equipment companies for the electronics and semiconductor industries.

“We worked directly with major cannabis cultivators to develop technology to solve the specific challenges they face,” says Don Naugler, Director of Technology of VJ Scientific. “Meeting with growers, distributors, researchers as well as decontamination experts in the food industry helps us create solutions tailored to the cannabis industry’s unique needs.”

Large and small scale cannabis cultivation comes with risk of biological hazards, such as mold and yeast. Most states where cannabis is legal have enacted legislation requiring companies to pass tests before releasing their product to the market. Nationally, about 10-15% of cannabis flower outright fails yeast and mold testing.

A failed test can result in loss from required product disposal, fines, product liability litigation, loss of reputation, and even loss of the business license. VJ Scientific’s CX-1000 machine can help cultivation facilities, distributors, and other stakeholders concerned with compliance and quality clean cannabis flower and save millions of dollars.

Irradiation of cannabis is safe for both operator and consumer. The CX-1000 thoroughly and uniformly irradiates cannabis, inactivating dangerous mold and microbes with 99.9% effectiveness.

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