Study: Inhaled Cannabis “Safe and Effective” for Treating Chronic Low Back Pain

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HAIFA, ISRAEL– According to observational trial data published in the Israeli journal Rambam Maimonides, inhaling cannabis flower with a high THC content safely reduces symptoms of chronic lower back pain in a way that is more effective than using CBD-dominant extracts.

In a cohort of individuals with low back pain, Israeli researchers evaluated the efficacy and safety of sublingual extracts containing a mixture of CBD and THC-dominant flowers. For one year, study participants used extracts on a daily basis, and for the second year, they used cannabis flower.

THC-rich smoked cannabis inflorescence was found to be more efficient than CBD-rich cannabis extracts at causing symptom relief in LBP (lower back pain), as measured by a disability index and a visual analogue scale. Additionally, throughout year two of the trial, patients’ use of analgesic medications considerably decreased. There were no documented severe negative events.

“Our data show that cannabis therapy is safe and effective for chronic low back pain,” the authors wrote in their conclusion. “Inhaled THC-rich therapy is more effective than CBD-rich sublingual extract therapy for treating low back pain.”

Currently, 111,000 Israelis have permission to use cannabis-related goods for medical purposes. Cannabis is used to treat illnesses including chronic pain by more than half of those patients.

Similar results from several earlier research have shown that people with persistent back pain who take cannabis also use fewer opioids.

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