Study: Hemp Increases Cow Health and Reduces Cow’s Stress & Anxiety

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to a U.S. government-financed study that was published in Scientific Reports, cannabis affects both people and cows in comparable ways.

Since 2020, an investigation into hemp-based cattle feed, funded by the US Department of Agriculture, has been producing some intriguing findings. All hemp plant parts, including the stems, stalks, and other “waste” portions that aren’t used for other things, can be totally digested by cows.

Giving cows industrial hemp appears to reduce their stress levels and may even improve their general health. In other words, the effects of the herb might be comparable in people and cattle.

Additionally, this is a very effective use of the hemp plant’s underutilized portions to produce a very effective final product.

16 Holstein steers were divided into two groups for this investigation. For two weeks, one group received nothing more than their regular diet.

The feed of the other group was combined with hemp before being digested, providing each cow with 5.5 mg of cannabidiolic acid daily for every kilogram of body weight. All cows had their blood drawn in order to determine how hemp affected each study participant individually.

Lower amounts of cortisol and prostaglandins were detected in the blood of the CBD-eating cows. These two substances are typical indicators of stress. Additionally, they slept more than the control group did.

Because of their early weaning or confined living conditions, cows who experience high levels of stress are more likely to have respiratory infections or other illnesses.

The USDA still forbids American farmers from feeding hemp to any cattle intended for human consumption, despite these positive results.The US authorities is nevertheless concerned that trace levels of THC may stay in meat or milk from cows that have consumed hemp plants, which is the cause of this concern. This most recent study demonstrates that these worries are unfounded.

Hemp products are undoubtedly a growing sector. Dogs have been the subject of numerous hemp food studies, all with positive results. Farm animals, however, are a new area only being examined recently. According to a new Thai study, chickens given food derived from hemp require fewer antibiotics to stay healthy.

It is becoming clear that cannabis is a miracle plant not just for humans but for many kinds of animals as more definitive research are completed.

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