Oldham Global and Project Wave: The Future of the International Cannabis Market

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NEW YORK–Undoubtedly, the cannabis industry is seeing major changes in the US and internationally, as more legal markets (both medicinal and recreational) are coming back online worldwide; therefore, it is expected to witness the influx of big players from other industries, as it is the case of Oldham Global, in shaping the future of our industry.

Oldham Global and its CEO, Bill Oldham, have been working for many years in building, developing, and investing in companies in diverse industries. The company joined the cannabis industry three years ago, initially supporting projects at the intersection with Financial Tech.

Currently, Mr. Oldham has expanded his team by bringing in Adrian Clarke as the CCO of Oldham Global, a leader in the premium spirits industry, for an ambitious project looking to build category-defining brands in the food and beverage space, by offering lifestyle and wellness products to meet the ever increasing diverse and sophisticated needs of the market: Project Wave.

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This groundbreaking endeavor by Oldham Group will build companies and brands that shape the habits and practices engaged in the cannabis industry.

The Leaders

Mr. Oldham and Mr. Clarke’s partnership in Project Wave comes naturally as both are proven leaders that have similar entrepreneurial backgrounds, and the diverse experience needed to build category-defining plant-based products and brands. Mr. Oldham has more than 25 years of experience as an investor, serial entrepreneur, executive and consultant, building two $100M companies from scratch, and working and managing companies with global reach in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Oldham Global’s model involves building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with strong operational partnerships for long term excellence and success, while also making a difference by doing good1.

Mr. Clarke has a background in the premium spirits industry; he is an investor and a member of the Bacardi family and has founded a boutique successful investment firm specializing in creating and investing in early-stage business opportunities in international markets. He is using his expertise diligently working with UK regulators to provide the cannabis industry with a safe and profitable environment in the local and global cannabis sectors.

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Entering the Cannabis Industry

Mr. Oldham and Mr. Clarke (and many more of us in cannabis) agree the time to join the cannabis industry is now. We are seeing and will continue to see a surge in the professionalization of the industry worldwide. This could be due to the increasing re-legalization efforts, and demand for a variety of plant-based products (THC, CBD, and psychedelics), which are creating ripples in the regulatory and legislative pathways carved by industry leaders and legislators.

According to Mr. Clarke, the demand for CBD products has been steadily increasing2, largely because of the molecule’s many therapeutic properties, but also because it is easy for consumers to include it as part of their day-to-day wellness routines, which is connected to Project Wave’s long-term vision.

Because of the capacity of expansion and product development with this molecule, investors are now very keen in approaching these opportunities, and do not see CBD as substitute for not getting into cannabis earlier; nowadays one can find a wide array of CBD-infused products: from topicals, edibles, drinks, to wearable and clothing items; however, no clear leader is owning any of these categories, particularly the food and beverage space, which represents a window of opportunity for Mr. Oldham, Mr. Clarke, Project Wave and their investors.

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Innovation will be key not only to product development, but to gain more market-share as industry leaders while re-legalization expands worldwide. The model designed for Project Wave is such that it is not dependent on re-legalization timelines, but instead in creating a great business that will be ready for it, whenever it happens.

Project Wave – A Global Opportunity

As previously mentioned, this is an ambitious project in which the team will bring CBD and other molecules safely and transparently into the mainstream, by building the next generation of brands focused on lifestyle and wellness in different international markets. The team has unparalleled experience to dominate these spaces with superior brands and products. It is reported that the global CBD markets will grow by a rate of 24% by 20283; Project Wave is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for investors that are new to cannabis, or established investors wanting to expand their portfolio and having a global impact in these re-emerging spaces. We wrote a more detailed piece about Project Wave, which you can access .

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