New York Cannabis Retailer Adds THC Potency Disclaimers Due to Flaws in Lab Testing System

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NEW YORK– One of the few legal cannabis retailers in New York state, Union Square Travel Agency, has added THC potency disclaimers to its products due to inaccuracies in the current lab testing system. The flawed system is responsible for determining cannabis product potency, which is displayed on labels for customers to see. The disclaimers read, “THC potency claim is made by the cultivator,” and state that the retailer “in no way attests to the accuracy of the claim.”

The move comes after NY Cannabis Insider reported on the widespread inaccuracies in potency labeling within the New York cannabis market. The report prompted the state Office of Cannabis Management to overhaul its testing protocols, including phasing out the ineffective “line testing” approach, which allowed cannabis farmers to estimate the anticipated potency of their final products that hit store shelves.

Union Square Travel Agency’s disclaimers are a way to cover the company’s liabilities in light of the situation. However, the approach has not yet been adopted by any of the other four licensed cannabis retailers in Manhattan. According to a spokesperson for Union Square, the disclaimers were added to the product descriptions to be fully transparent with their customers. As cultivators are responsible for providing accurate THC potency numbers, the retailer relies on them to provide the necessary information.

The move by Union Square Travel Agency highlights the need for greater accuracy and transparency in cannabis labeling across the state. As the New York cannabis market continues to expand, regulators and industry players alike must prioritize the development of robust testing protocols and labeling standards to ensure that consumers have access to reliable information about the products they purchase.

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