New Study Shows Cannabis Is Needed More Than Ever Since The Pandemic

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NEW YORK–Interesting new survey data collected by cannabis media outlet WayofLeaf suggests that medical cannabis is in heightened demand, despite increased access to recreational cannabis via adult-use laws.
Results of the study highlight that 70% of potential MMJ card applicants needed cannabis “more in the past 12 months” compared to other years. This suggests an obvious correlation between the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing need for medicinal cannabis access.

In fact, according to the survey, nearly 1-in-3 MMJ card applicants (or potential applicants) say they are interested in medical marijuana use to help relieve anxiety and stress. A further 71% of survey participants said they would prefer to use medical cannabis under the guidance of a doctor, rather than on their own.

“The survey data is interesting, to say the least,” says WayofLeaf Content Director Dylan Baker. “It’s clear the pandemic has produced heightened levels of stress and anxiety, and far more people than we expected are looking to medical cannabis as a potential outlet for relief.”

The conducted survey and corresponding data were collected internally by WayofLeaf. Additional highlights from the survey include the fact that 85% of participants felt “confident or very confident” that medical cannabis could help with their specific condition. However, less than half said they were satisfied with current MMJ card application processes.

“For us, there were three key takeaways from the survey,” Baker says. “People have stress and anxiety from the pandemic, they’re wanting to use doctor-guided cannabis to cope, but they’re not satisfied with current MMJ card application processes in their state.”

In addition to highlighting results of the survey, the WayofLeaf team pointed out recommended avenues MMJ card applicants can use to connect to doctors online, rather than having to go through costly and time-consuming in-person application processes.

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