Medterra Supports First-Ever Consumer Clinical CBD Study in the U.S.

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IRVINE, California – Medterra, a major CBD company, reports the results of participating in Validcare’s seven-month clinical study. The study was in response to requests by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for scientific data on using CBD and its effects on the liver. The clinical trial confirms Medterra alongside 11 of the most highly regarded brands in the industry, were found to have zero liver toxicity or disease detected in the 839 participants in the study.
“Medterra was an instrumental partner in this study and today I celebrate them for continuing to demonstrate consumer and product safety,” says Validcare CEO Patrick McCarthy. “They take science very seriously and helped us pressure test clinical operations as we operated under the pandemic. We had one shot to get this right and Medterra helped ensure we did.”

“Medterra’s priority will always be to put the the consumer’s health and wellness needs at the forefront. As part of that pledge, a solid understanding and education on the effects of CBD will always be a cornerstone of the brand,” says Medterra CEO Jay Hartenbach. “As excited as we are about the results of the study that show the safety of using CBD, this is just the beginning of consumers’ awareness of how CBD can benefit their everyday life and brings credibility to the whole industry.”

The study emphasized significant findings for the industry:

  • The largest multi-branded consumer clinical trial in history – the number of participants allowed for a 90% reliability in results.
  • Study was focused on the general population of consumer with 70% of the participants concurrently taking other medications.
  • Participants provided real world data based on their consumption of one of a variety of oral CBD products, brands and types of CBD, with no dosing strategy and product recommendations. This real world approach to science revealed no safety issues in the general population across a variety of types of ingestibles from gummies to tinctures.

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