Delivery Service Market is One of the Hottest Revenue Streams In Cannabis Industry

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PALM BEACH–Over the past few years the legalization of cannabis has spurred the industry’s growth in both medicinal and recreational markets and the growth appears that it will continue to substantially rise in the years to come.

The cannabis industry continues to skyrocket as it’s legalized across the country and other parts of the world.  As the industry surges forward, new laws help change how cannabis businesses provide for their customers. Cannabis delivery, for example, is heating up across the nation. delivery license. Delivery licenses are in hot demand.

Landmark states that have already legalized cannabis, like California, are seeing a spike in business thanks to the overwhelming convenience of cannabis delivery. Since January 19th, the promise for delivery being the next wave in cannabis commerce is becoming obvious.  What many are considering the next trend for cannabis business, delivery services can help surge revenue for the retailers that jump in to take advantage, said an article in

The article continued: “The cannabis industry is already a record $10 billion and climbing, and prohibition is still affecting a large majority of the country. A particularly explosive section of this industry is almost exclusively the new cannabis delivery sector. In fact, according to, 44% of medical cannabis users across the U.S. regularly used a cannabis delivery service to buy their bud.  With legalization only having ramped up since then, it’s likely the numbers have only continued to increase, making the market ripe for cannabis delivery.

The legal cannabis market includes all CBD and THC-related products, including a range of strains, extracts, and consumables – all of which can be delivered right to someone’s door. While the cannabis industry clearly shows promise, the delivery sector is a shining beacon calling for all retailers before the market gets saturated.

As legalization heats up across the US, we can only expect delivery services to continue stepping up their game to meet the growing demand. The marijuana industry is hurtling forward in sales and business opportunities with no signs of stopping. The delivery sector is particularly one we should be keeping our eyes on, as it delivers the most promise for growth and robust revenue.”

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