CNBX Peer-reviewed Study: “Possible Future Therapeutic Value” for CNBX Proprietary Drug Candidate

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Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced today the peer-reviewed publication of its sponsored preclinical study titled “The Effect of Isolated Cannabinoid Extracts on Polypoid Colorectal Tissue” in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences; concluding “possible future therapeutic value” for the company’s proprietary drug candidate currently under development, PLP-33, for the treatment of colonic polyps.

Study design included collection of both polypoid tissue biopsies and healthy colonic tissue biopsies from 22 patients. A synergistic interaction of cannabinoid compounds against colonic polyps was observed, as well as a differential toxic effect between polypoid tissue and healthy colonic mucosa in some of the cases, thus “suggesting possible future therapeutic value”.

The present study was led by Gastroenterologists Dr. Dana Ben-Ami Shor (MD), and Dr. Erez Scapa (MD) of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Israel. The abstract and full text of the article titled “The Effect of Isolated Cannabinoid Extracts on Polypoid Colorectal Tissue”, published on the International Journal of Molecular Sciences

CNBX Pharmaceuticals is currently developing its proprietary Drug Candidate PLP-33 for the treatment of colonic polyps. This activity is conducted in collaboration with Digestix Bioscience Inc. (a CNBX Pharmaceuticals subsidiary).

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