CNBX Files New PCT Patent Application For Cannabinoids-Based Neoadjuvant Cancer Therapy

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REHOVOT, Israel and BETHESDA, MD., Oct. 18, 2022 CNBX Pharmaceuticals Inc. A development of cancer related cannabinoid-based medicine, announced today that the Company has filed a new patent application titled ” COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING CANNABINOIDS AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCER” under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Said patent application relates to several of the drug candidates currently under development by the Company for the treatment of various types of cancer, including Colorectal Cancer, Breast Cancer and Melanoma, and specifically to the usage of said drug candidates as a new form of Neoadjuvant Cancer Therapy.

Neoadjuvant therapy is the administration of cancer therapy prior to the main treatment, with the goal of making the main treatment more likely to have a successful patient outcome; for example, treatment given as a first step to shrink a tumor before the main treatment, which is usually surgery (National Cancer Institute).

The company has been recruiting a group of specialized medical doctors (MDs) to complement the development process of the company’s pipeline of drug candidates, each with a specific expertise, such as Dr. Yonina Tova (Breast Cancer), Dr. Caroline Roberts (Melanoma), Dr. Sigal Tavor (Hematology), Prof. Zamir Halperin (Gastroenterology) and Prof Amos Toren (Oncology).

The company continues to put much effort in growing and maintaining its IP portfolio. This effort is led by Dr. Lior Eshdat, an organic chemist and patent attorney who specialized in IP portfolio management. The company’s portfolio includes 8 patent families, with 7 granted patents and 17 additional pending. The company’s IP portfolio is focused on cancer patients and cancer treatments, and includes claims relating to Pharmaceutical Compositions, Methods and Systems.

The company is actively pursuing the development of its core drug candidate CNBX RCC-33, under the guidance of Dr. Sigalit Arieli Portnoy, the Company’s Regulatory Affairs specialist, and in preparation of a pre-IND meeting with the FDA and with plans for conducting a First In-Human Phase l/ll(a) clinical validation study.

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