CASE STUDY: What Can Cannabis Leaders Learn From Mid-Day Squares?

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LOS ANGELES–Mid-Day Squares, the brainchild of Nick Saltarelli, Lezlie Karls, and Jake Karls, has emerged as a captivating force in the world of chocolate. This family-owned business has embarked on a mission to combat mid-day sugar cravings with a range of wholesome snacks, all while cleverly weaving its brand identity through a captivating content-driven approach.

As industry leaders in the cannabis sector seek inspiration, the Mid-Day Squares case study offers invaluable lessons on navigating the evolving landscape. While not bound by the overkill compliance and other over regulatory frameworks that limits cannabis, it is still a good source of ideas for branded manufacturers of food and beverages in Cannabis.

Mid-Day Squares funny social media post.

At the heart of Mid-Day Squares’ strategy lies the art of crafting a distinct brand identity across multiple media platforms. Their TikTok account functions as a nonconformist reality show, reminiscent of the Kardashians, presenting an embellished portrayal of the trials and triumphs involved in building a chocolate company.

From unveiling new products and showcasing manufacturing updates to sharing the intricacies of product research and development, the founders deftly blend candid behind-the-scenes footage, at times even baring their own vulnerabilities, all in service of engaging storytelling.

An audacious legal encounter with industry giant Hershey’s further underscored Mid-Day Squares’ mettle. In a bold move, the founders responded with a diss track, showcasing their creativity and ability to transform adversity into opportunity. This bold maneuver not only rallied their loyal fan base but also sparked substantial media attention, solidifying the company’s position within the industry.


Harnessing the power of podcasting, the Mid-Day Squares team has exhibited an unwavering commitment to sharing their narrative. Founders Nick and Jake Karls have become fixtures on numerous podcasts, frequently appearing at an impressive rate of one per week, particularly during April and May. Through these engagements, they provide a compelling platform to introduce new audiences to the captivating Mid-Day Squares story, allowing an intimate glimpse into the brand’s evolution.

Additionally, the company hosts its own podcast, offering an authentic and transparent perspective on their journey. In a recent episode, an accidental phone call from Nick’s mother during a live recording added an amusing twist, inadvertently granting the company a lighthearted infomercial-like promotion. In cannabis, there’s nothing stopping us doing podcasts working with the likes of cannabis production group, HastyStoryTelling, for example.

Beyond their media acumen, Mid-Day Squares has exhibited shrewd operational strategies to support their rapid growth. Leveraging venture capital funding, they assembled an executive team boasting decades of operational expertise. This calculated move ensures that the company is well-equipped to navigate the intricate complexities of scaling its operations. Similarly, there’s nothing stopping cannabis companies hiring top talent too.

Mid-Day Squares has successfully forged partnerships with retail giants such as Whole Foods and Target, expanding their distribution channels and reaching a wider consumer base. By keeping manufacturing in-house, the company not only aligns with its media-centric approach but also generates a wealth of content, further fueling audience engagement.


The remarkable ascent of Mid-Day Squares into the limelight presents an enthralling spectacle, as it sets its sights on becoming a $100M chocolate company. This innovative fusion of food and media, firmly rooted in authenticity and unabashed creativity, offers profound insights for leaders in the cannabis industry. By strategically harnessing the power of content creation, podcasting, and operational excellence, Mid-Day Squares has not only carved out a distinct food category but also positioned itself as a pioneering force in an increasingly competitive market…just like cannabis companies need to focus on positioning their brands for the future.

As the company continues to flourish, its unique journey serves as an inspiring blueprint for cannabis industry leaders, urging them to embrace audacious, unconventional strategies and unlock the boundless potential of their own cannabrands.

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