Barky AI and Highten Launch Canna-GPT: World’s First Cannabis AI Chatbot

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LOS ANGELES– Barky AI and Highten have joined forces to launch Canna-GPT, the world’s first Cannabis AI chatbot. With a goal of democratizing cannabis education, the new AI chatbot interface makes it easier for users to ask questions and obtain information about cannabis. Users can simply type their cannabis-related questions into the app and receive quick and efficient responses, making it easier for individuals to navigate the world of cannabis with ease.

“We’re excited to introduce Canna-GPT, which represents our vision of making cannabis education accessible for all,” says Chris Barkhurst, founder and CEO of Barky AI. “Our collaboration with Highten to connect AI and cannabis aims to create a shared experience for all individuals who are interested in learning more about this exciting realm.”

Canna-GPT distinguishes itself from competitors with its user-friendly design and intuitive capabilities. Users can easily ask queries, from collecting information about THC to terpenes, cultivation to consumption, and confidently choose cannabis based on their application and needs rather than just THC percentage.

By combining AI and cannabis education, the creators of Canna-GPT are aiming to break down barriers and make cannabis education accessible to the masses. “We invite the public to join this transformative movement on 4/20,” says Chad Johnson, CEO of Highten. With Canna-GPT, the world of cannabis education is just a chatbot away.

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