ArthroCBD Shares Study’s Findings for Arthritis Awareness Month

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BOULDER–Arthritis is one of the most widespread health conditions in the United States and affects one in four adults, according to the CDC. That’s over 54 million men and women. There are common misconceptions around Arthritis, including what it’s like to live with it. ArthroCBD recently performed quantitative and qualitative studies to “debunk” these myths.  Throughout the month, ArthroCBD will share details of the findings as part of the “Celebrate Life Without Compromises” campaign.
A common myth is that arthritis only impacts the hands and knees. While the majority of people experience this, symptoms can be felt anywhere on the body and weight-bearing joints are the most common. Research shows that symptoms are most present in the form of joint pain and inflammation, which commonly occur in the knees, hands, hips and along the spine.

Another misconception about living with arthritis is that it’s just pain, and you should be able to work through it. One patient surveyed by Opticann says, “it can feel like a constant aching pain and stiffness… it hurts every day.”

15% of those surveyed experience pain in their feet and almost all of them (94%) report that they are frequently in pain. 26% of those surveyed report pain in their torso, head or shoulders. Those who experience pain in these areas experience it more frequently, with half managing their pain on a daily basis.

While there are stigmas to challenge, arthritis and pain sufferers are empowered to find their best treatment option. Research shows that ‘long-term relief’ and ‘limited side effects’ are rated as the most important treatment characteristics. Most arthritis and pain patients have tried between 2-4 different types of treatment for their condition. 32% of people stop after they have tried one treatment, and only 11% of pain and arthritis sufferers surveyed are happy with their current pain treatment.

When it comes to CBD based healthcare products, 97% of consumers with Arthritis are interested in learning more. Only 15% have tried CBD. Four in every five respondents feel confident making their treatment decisions on their own.

The compelling data showed that patients are interested in finding solutions that are well tested and safe without harsh impact to their bodies. ArthroCBD hopes to be a solution for those seeking symptomatic relief and will continue to prioritize research and clinical studies to do so.

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