Analysis: Flower Continues to Dominate US, Canadian Cannabis Markets

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SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA-According to data from the International Journal of Drug Policy, cannabis users in the United States and Canada prefer marijuana flower to other product formulations.

Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada and the RAND Drug Policy Research Center in California examined cannabis use patterns in the US and Canada in a cohort of more than 40,000 participants.

According to their analysis, “Dried flower was the most often utilized product” among consumers, regardless of whether they shopped at legal or illegal retailers. This is consistent with earlier polls. The popularity of alternative cannabis preparations, like as vape oils and edibles, has grown recently, according to the investigators, especially in regions where cannabis products are openly sold by licensed merchants.

“The current study provides one of the most thorough analyses of cannabis consumption at the population level in Canada and the US to date,” the authors wrote in their conclusion. The research shows how the market for cannabis goods is quickly changing, with noticeable changes in the kinds of cannabis products customers utilize. Although dried flower remains the market’s dominant commodity, it has started to fall behind the growing popularity of processed cannabis products.

The International Journal of Drug Policy has the complete article, “Trends in the usage of cannabis products in Canada and the USA, 2018-2020: Findings from the International Cannabis Policy Study.”

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