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Cannabis has definitely gone mainstream, especially in the world of high fashion (no pun intended). Long gone are the days where pot smokers have to hide in the shallows, shunned from society. Nowadays, cultured cannasseurs are ready to let their hemp-lined flags fly, as pot leaf prints and THC molecules begin to hit the runways. For lovers of fine jewelry, several incredible lines dedicated to marijuana are now available. Here are some our favs.

Blunted Objects

Jewelry lovers of all ages will adore Melodie Ling’s wide catalogue that features several styles of accessories from sunglasses to necklaces to belly rings (and everything in between) all adorned with pot leaves or slick stoner sayings. The former economics major founded Blunted Objects after finding herself fed up with the years of oppression towards cannabis users, vowing to change the face of the typical pothead. 

“We’re working so hard to erase that stigma that’s been in place for so many decades,” Ling said. “Our goal is to elevate the way people think about cannabis and hopefully spark new conversations.”

In addition to jewelry, the brand also offers vintage-inspired joint cases, ashtrays, and lighter holders as well as roach clips and even a grinder necklace disguised as a locket. Follow on Instagram @bluntedobjects 

Ras Boss

Have you ever seen a nug so gorgeous that it deserves a place high upon a mantle next to the fine china and ship in a bottle? Ras Boss is the brand for you. The company takes high-quality cannabis buds and leaves and dips them in 24k gold, forever immortalizing them in necklace and earring form. Many of the nugs are adorned with precious gemstones such as opal and amethyst, offering an even lore luxe way to display your dedication to the pot plant. The Kimbo Kush pendants are exquisitely handcrafted and while significantly less flashy than their dipped cousins are still worth every penny. Find more at


Genifer Murray never set out to be a jeweler, even though she was raised by one. The businesswoman and scientist has an impressive resume in her own right, with a history of running several companies in the cannabis industry, but it’s her namesake line of high-end jewelry that has made her a superstar in the space. GENIFER M has been featured on shows such as Viceland Most Expensivist on Viceland and famed television medical personality Dr. Sanjay Gupta credits Murray with helping to change his mind on medical marijuana. However, the company wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for a gift from an adoring father.

“I was speaking and lobbying across the country and I wanted to wear something that would let people know I was in the cannabis industry,” Murray explained. “I went online and couldn’t find anything that was appropriate for a woman in her 40s that pays taxes and runs a successful business.”

Murray mentioned her frustrations to her father, a jeweler with 40 years experience, who a few months later presented her with a diamond-crusted cannabis leaf lapel pin. Three years later, Murray’s luxury line can be found at fine retailers across the country and is a staple of industry events. Check out the collection at

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