Who Are The Main Players In Cannabis NFTs?

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NEW YORK– NFTs burst into the public domain in March 2021 as a result of a massive sale by the renowned auctioneer Christie’s. Unlike every other work of art sold through Christie’s auction house, this collage did not actually exist tangibly in the physical world. The winning bid of $69.3 million for a collage of digital art projects that artist Beeple had previously published individually was like a starting gun for the industry. Since then several news players have emerged in cannabis NFTs.

Here’s a round up of some of the leading NFT merchants in the cannabis space:

Blazed Cats
10,000 hand-drawn NFTs make up the collection Blazed Cats. They are fuzzy pals with a range of characteristics and accoutrements. They all show a particular type of cannabis user and share the trait of possessing cannabis paraphernalia.

10% of each sale of a Blazed Cat is donated to Mental Health America (MHA), a nonprofit organization devoted to meeting the needs of people with mental health conditions.

The NFT sector made $5.4 billion in profit in the same year, according to CNBC. These figures demonstrate that both of these industries are prospering and offering fresh business models.

NFTs can have significant benefits for the cannabis industry, such as providing a mechanism to register harvests so that there is a time-stamped, irrevocable digital record that demonstrates you were the first to develop a specific strain.

These additional activities highlight the connections between NFTs and cannabis and how they can support one another’s expansion.

Crypto Cannabis Club
10,000 NFToker avatars representing various cannabis users make up the Crypto Cannabis Club. Each token is produced by an algorithm that combines many qualities that have been expertly illustrated. (Main image: Crypto Cannabis Club).

In terms of cannabis, the website is used to produce and advertise cannabis plant NFTs. It collaborates with its holders and works with cannabis brands to produce exclusive goods.

In addition, they provide a podcast every Wednesday that focuses on visiting trade exhibitions in the US, Canada, and Europe to inform the cannabis industry about NFTs.

Their creators strive to advance interactive communities as they operate across three metaverses or digital economies.

The notion of Nektr NEKTR is outrageous and original. They are the initial cannabis-themed NFT gaming tokens. In other words, they enable their holders to play-to-earn (P2E) low-cost or free medical cannabis or hemp items. They encourage physiological and spiritual harmony.

Users can purchase Nktar by acquiring a Binance Coin (BNB) cryptocurrency and exchanging it for a Nektr share. The process can be sped up and made simpler with the aid of QR Codes.

PotPunks, which will debut on April 20th, intends to honor various cannabis consumers. Six different character types, including human, animal, and more, will be present. They will all be using a joint, bong, vape, or some other cannabis-related smoking device.

They will first release 420 PotPunks through the OpenSea market, and 5% of their profits will be donated to the Weldon Project, which supports those who are imprisoned for cannabis-related offenses.

40 Tons NFT
A social impact project called 40 Tons aims to assist cannabis offenders. It is a Los Angeles-based apparel and accessory business. Every time someone buys one of their NFTs, they assist a prisoner by funding organizations that enhance their quality of life behind bars.

53 NFTs are now available for purchase on OpenSea. Their NFTs contain cell booths, and you can buy potcoins there as well.

For the cannabis and CBD items they sell, this website produces art.  Their goals are to highlight the relationship between cannabis strains and the arts and to examine the diversity found in the cannabis industry. On OpenSea, you can buy over 65 different cannabis strain art designs.

They donate some of their proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project, which aims to liberate every person serving time for non-violent cannabis-related offenses.

Digi Strains
Peakz’s Digi Strains NFT collection on OpenSea provides customers with access to legal virtual marijuana. Their initial delivery of colorful cannabis nugs was sold out.

They’ve had several drops with various color schemes and vintage video game themes and spins.

Cannasaurs NFT
Cannasaurs are one-of-a-kind, randomly designed cannabis dinosaur NFTs. In December 2021, 4,420 Cannasaurs were born.

This collection is special because the benefits for the holders improve based on how many NFTs are sold; for instance, when they reach 60% of sales, their rarest NFTs will be distributed at random to holders.

Additionally, they aid the Redemption Foundation and the Last Prisoner Project.

Leading cannabis breeders, growers, and entrepreneurs established Weedgang. They want to spread their passion for the cannabis industry by depicting cannabis strains in their NFTs.

Their NFTs’ artwork depicts information unique to each strain, such as its name, CBD and THC content, and its distinctive color.

Stoner Cats
Experts in technology, animation, and NFT produced Stoner Cats. The only people who can see the show are those who have a Stoner Cats Token.

The sectors of cannabis, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies have expanded rapidly during the previous five years. There’s plenty of room for NFTs to grow in the global market for cannabis, just like there is in any industry.  Indeed, according to Prohibition Partners, the worldwide market for legal cannabis is expected to reach a stunning $100 billion by 2026.

These are just some of the contenders jockeying for position in the new world of NFTs, like any new technology it takes awhile to embed itself into the culture. But watch this space and stay-tuned to Highly Capitalized where we will be covering the rise and rise of cannabis NFTs.

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