What Comes Next In The International Cannabis Industry?

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NEW YORK- In mid-July of this year, Skyquest released a report in which they forecast that the global cannabis market will attain a market size of $197.75 billion by 2028, at a CAGR of 32.04% during the forecast period (2022-2028). These numbers do not include the CBD markets, which are projected to grow by a rate of 24% by 2028.

What’s driving this is the overwhelming public demand for plant-based products that can accompany clients’ lifestyles and health journeys, among other reasons. This by default is also driving enormous efforts of re-legalization worldwide, as the opportunity to capitalize on this market and generate revenue perhaps has never been as notorious, in comparison with the pre-prohibition era.

See our exclusive interview with Bill Oldham of Oldham Global

Although the industry as we know it now is still in its infancy and will be maturing as more markets come online, we can argue that international commerce of medicinal and recreational products will be the next step of professionalization growth, as Oldham Global’s CEO, Bill Oldham, stated in our recent panel discussion* about international markets. (*Watch our International Cannabis Markets video panel discussion here).

This is where the opportunity window opens again, for new and seasoned investors in the industry, with Oldham Global’s Project Wave.

Project Wave will be opening the valve on the (thus far) untapped potential of international commerce by building category-defining brands in the food and beverage space, offering lifestyle and wellness products to meet the ever increasing diverse and sophisticated needs of the market. To achieve this while the market offers favorable valuations, Oldham Global is establishing a fund which will be managed and used to purchase and resource the operations of a series of acquisitions and the funding required for an IPO.

This expansion is being led by a team with a record past performance and industry expertise to maintain brand reputation and continued reach to customers through diverse sales channels. Bill Oldham has more than 25 years of experience as an investor, serial entrepreneur, executive and consultant, building two $100M companies from scratch, and working and managing companies with global reach in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

See our exclusive interview with Bill Oldham of Oldham Global


He has partnered with a leader in the premium spirits industry, Adrian Clarke, who is also an investor, a member of the Bacardi family, and has founded a boutique successful investment firm specializing in creating and investing in early-stage business opportunities in international markets.

Mr. Clarke has been working with UK regulators to set boundaries between different sections of the cannabis market (medicinal use, recreational use and anything in between); in order to have a prosperous market take-off, legislators have to define how these different sectors coexist and how they will be regulated. However, the business model for Project Wave does not depend on legalization. Instead, Mr. Oldham’s focus is on creating a good business that will be ready whenever legalization occurs on the markets included in this project.

Other key elements of Project Wave’s portfolio are global manufacturing capabilities, tested and proven products with current shelf space in renowned retailers, and brands with international recognition and strong market base. The project offers investors a unique opportunity to enter the high-growth sector of food and beverages at a time when assets are undervalued, and with prime opportunity to gain significant market share. With the industry expertise, corporate experience and connection to lawmakers, Project Wave will position their model as the leader in the sector before other large players can join and get market share.

Find out more about Oldham Global by clicking here.

Why is now the time to invest in Project Wave?

One could argue the industry has “perfect storm” conditions for incoming and established cannabis investors to enter the global market through Project Wave, as we are at the cusp of a global legalization movement that will lead the industry to significant growth overnight. Consumer data has been showing a switch to legal product suppliers as markets come online. With ever increasing worldwide efforts of legalization (and the potential job creation and tax revenue related), the lack of premium and globally recognized cannabis brands, valuations of assets at reasonable levels and the absence of a unifying leader of the global industry, Project Wave is the ideal entry platform with existing and proven product portfolio, an outstanding management team with world-class expertise in the food and beverage space, and pivotal relationships with US and UK lawmakers.

The fund established by Oldham Global seeks to raise $100M equity investment that represents 40% ownership on a fully diluted basis, of which $25M have been already raised. For more information on Oldham Global’s Project Wave click here.


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 About the author: Dr. Angie Frytz is a medical doctor, a clinical research scientific consultant, scientist, and a Connecticut’s cannabis license applicant. You can reach her via her website at https://axismundicrc.com/, or via email at [email protected]

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