The Israeli Medical Establishment Voices Support For Tikun Olam-Cannbit’s Partnership With HMOs And Hospital

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TEL AVIV– Tikun Olam-Cannbit (TASE: TKUN), an Israeli leading medical cannabis company, known for marketing of Clinically studied inflorescence and medical cannabis products, has signed this week an agreement with Maccabi Healthcare Services, Israel’s second-largest HMO. As part of the agreement, Tikun Olam-Cannbit will offer Maccabi members whom hold a medical cannabis license discounts on company products and a package of services that include consulting, training, dispensing and distribution of its products to the patient’s home, training on how to use a vape, webinars on research issues.

This important agreement follows an agreement recently signed with the HMO, Meuhedet Health Services, that in addition to delivery, consulting and patient training services also includes training of Meuhedet physicians and medical staff.

These agreements join the five-year agreement signed recently with one of Israel’s largest hospitals, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, including the establishment of a Medical Cannabis Research Center on the medical center campus in Tel Aviv in conjunction with the hospital’s Medical Research Infrastructure and Health Services Fund.

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Tikun Olam-Cannbit will conduct six clinical studies with operational and funding collaboration of the research center as part of its joint activity, three of which will be conducted within 5 years, and the rest within 10 years of the inception of the contract.

The Study Fund will examine the possibility of developing analytical tools to identify blood endocannabinoid levels, receive access to analysis to examine active ingredients, provide one or two preclinical studies during the term of the agreement, publish joint academic publications and collaborate on one or two projects using the hospital’s biobank.

Tikun Olam-Cannbit will provide its cannabis strains for studies that will be conducted at the research center free of charge and will provide strains at a discount for clinical and preclinical studies for the other studies that will be conducted at the research center. All this will be accompanied by information sharing, consulting, and data reports required for the studies.

Avinoam Sapir, CEO of Tikun Olam-Cannbit, said, “The agreement signed with Maccabi Healthcare Services comes on the heels of the agreement that was recently signed with Meuhedet Health Services and the agreement to establish the research institute with Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center. They all demonstrate the faith of the medical establishments in the therapeutic efficacy of medical cannabis based on clinical research. I welcome this important partnership and the selection of Tikun Olam-Cannbit for the second time by a leading medical institution.

The fact that another HMO has decided to include cannabis as part of the treatment services it offers and chooses to do so with Tikun Olam-Cannbit at this point testifies to the professional faith in our clinical knowledge and abilities to provide support throughout the medical cannabis value chain, based on proven clinical research and recognition of Tikun Olam-Cannbit as a pharmaceutical company.”

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