Sweet Flower Partners with Safe-Reach to Revolutionize Ecommerce Analytics

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. – Sweet Flower uses NOMAD’s end-to-end, deterministic marketing attribution across all digital channels to understand product sales trends, customer acquisition insights, and revenue oriented success strategies across all paid digital marketing channels – all through a single – easy to use interface.

By integrating directly with Sweet Flower’s POS and reservation processing systems, the NOMAD Analytics suite deterministically links digital media spend – at the impression event level – to completed transactions across their retail and delivery menus.

Using NOMAD(™), Sweet Flower is able to connect the dots between different creative messages, targeting audiences, and media channels back to SKU level sales detail. NOMAD allows Sweet Flower to dive deeper into media attribution reporting to analyze how various product categories, brands, or even individual items are affected by different media channels that drive traffic to their online store menus all in the name of more cost effective acquisition costs and increased LTV with legacy shoppers.

One of the most successful use cases includes customer segmentation analytics that allows Sweet Flower to see new versus returning customers, measure average order value, and activate against their list of customers across marketing platforms for various marketing initiatives.

Sweet Flower also uses Nomad to evaluate the ebb and flow of delivery fulfillment against curb-side/in store pickups through native geographic visualizations that highlight top performing zip codes, with the functionality to filter and sort by generated revenue, store location, and number of items in the cart and beyond.

“Safe-Reach has been a trusted marketing partner for well over a year. Utilizing Nomad has led to keener insights into the effectiveness of marketing initiatives across multiple platforms with greater reporting and visualization down to the sku level.” – Tim Dodd, CEO Sweet Flower

“Sweet Flower has been one of our premier retail/delivery clients since pre-COVID. Always looking for an edge on market capture we have had the pleasure of working with their team on testing every new solution and tactic we can power our clients across the US with. NOMAD was built to directly answer the questions that groups like Sweet Flower ask groups like Safe-Reach. Direct and simple answers to complex questions is where we add value and Sweet Flower leverages that value to win in a highly competitive digital market.” – Adam Schlett, Founder, Safe-Reach

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