Silo Wellness Hosts First Wellness Retreat in Jamaica

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — On the back of their successful capital raise of CA$4.9 million, Silo Wellness will operate it first wellness retreat in Jamaica.

This expands Silo Wellness psychedelic retreats in both Jamaica and Oregon, USA. Their business plan includes mushroom cultivation in Jamaica as well as a patent-pending nasal spray that has the potential to deliver metered-dosing for psilocybin for mental health ailments.

Jamaica is one of the few countries in the world where psilocybin is legal.

The company also offers non-psychoactive mushroom products via its e-commerce platform Functional mushrooms include Lion’s Mane, Reiki, Chaga and a host of other species.

There has been tremendous interest and subsequent investment in the scientific benefits of psychedelics and, in particular, psilocybin, one official has suggested.

As an early mover in the psychedelics industry and creators of the patent-pending psilocybin nasal spray in Jamaica, Silo Wellness has been steadily scaling its mushroom and truffle cultivation operations on the island. Silo Wellness aims to help people improve their health and overall wellness, by developing and introducing psychedelics to reduce trauma and increase performance.

Silo Wellness have stated they intend to introduce new, safe, and affordable alternatives to current medicines by facilitating entry into new and emerging markets where psychedelics are legal, by conducting ketamine and psilocybin wellness retreats vis-à-vis manufacturing and distributing functional mushrooms.

The retreat is designed to give each guest a transformational experience through the integration of psilocybin, meditation and educational sessions.

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