Scientific Solutions Is Proud To Continue Working With TruSteel

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SAN DIEGO – Scientific Solutions Inc, a San Diego based company focused on equipment sales and training for all-in-one extraction solutions in the Hemp and Cannabis space, is proud to work closely with our long-time partner/supplier TruSteel, an industry leader in the Cannabis and Hemp space who delivers truly integrated, automated, end-to-end, solvent recovery systems that maximize profits and take efficiency to the highest level. Working with TruSteel has given us the added benefit of being able to offer our customers a dual support network, where they can get help from not only our team of skilled sales reps, trainers, and installers but also the engineers and specialists over at TruSteel. Clients lean on both our teams of experts for in-house equipment solutions, reliable support, performance, and service as a one stop shop solution; including solvent storage/transfer, solvent chilling, extraction, filtration, solvent recovery, decarboxylation, and distillation systems for a continuous and fully automated process, eliminating bottlenecks, and providing our clients a pathway to easily scale up.

Because of Operation Warp Speed, TruSteel is proud to announce the launch of a new product series: The AutoVap™ 40 GMP. Now, rotary evaporators and batch style evaporation processors can apply the pharmaceutical grade standard with a completely continuous process. This falling film evaporator is capable of doing the work of 20 20L Rotary Evaporators in the footprint of two utilizing only one part-time resource.

cGMP Compliance

  • Material Certification on Wetted Components
  • Welding Certification and Supporting Documents
  • Installation and Operation Qualification
  • 21 CFR11 Standards within PLC/Data Validation

Pharmaceutical Grade Standards

  • 25 RA or better Surface Finish
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Domestically Sourced

Increased Capability in a Smaller Footprint

  • Up to 40 Gal/Hr Solvent Recovery
  • 8′ in Height
  • Completely Continuous with discharge of solvent and residue
  • Multi-Solvent Capability

If you’re interested in talking to one of our sales representatives about the AutoVap™ 40 GMP or would like to discuss a material test and/or simulation to find out how this equipment would improve your product and throughput, please reach out to us at .

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