Nalu Bio Secures Global Supply Chain to Chemically Synthesize CBD

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SAN FRANCISCO – Nalu Bio, Inc., developers of a proprietary chemical synthesis platform that produces pure, quality cannabinoids (CBD), announced partnerships with Curia Global and Grace Fine Chemicals, two contract research, development and manufacturing organizations capable of scaling chemistry from the bench to commercial quantities. These partnerships will allow Nalu Bio to advance from research and development to commercial manufacturing, with supply chain excellence along the way. In addition, Nalu Bio has signed agreements with Curia Global to develop cannabinoid derivatives for therapeutic use as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) to address unmet medical needs.

The momentum behind CBD’s rapid market growth has been propelled by expanding consumer recognition of the health benefits of CBD, and the science that continues to demonstrate CBD’s therapeutic promise in a growing list of health concerns. Nalu Bio has led the way in the development of a new category of chemistry-based cannabinoids with their scalable, lab-based proprietary synthesis platform that produces an ultra-pure, consistently performing CBD without the risk of contamination from THC, heavy metals or pesticides inherent in hemp extraction.

Una Ryan, OBE, Ph.D. managing director of Golden Seeds and former Board Member of Curia Global, with deep expertise in the biopharma space said, “Nalu Bio has reached a critical milestone in their commercial scale-up, and I am excited about the value Nalu Bio and Curia will bring to the cannabinoid therapeutics market. This partnership is well positioned to meet the needs of the growing synthetic cannabinoid market and deliver potentially life-changing products to patients worldwide.”

Matthew Roberts, CTO of Nalu Bio had this to say about these developments. “Our synthesized CBD is produced in highly scalable reactors, using low-cost, safe and effective starting materials – a process that eliminates the obstacle of agricultural-source contamination that is so pervasive in products on shelves today. The establishment of a sophisticated and reliable global supply chain is a critical element in preparing for an efficient product launch from Day 1.”

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