Leafreport Launches a New Set Of CBD Calculators To Assist Consumers In Improving Purchase Decisions

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TEL AVIV, Israel – Leafreport.com, the CBD industry’s peer-reviewed watchdog website, announced the launch of four calculators designed to help consumers determine whether their CBD products’ content matches their labels, discover their individualized dosage of CBD, and decide whether the products they are buying are worth the price based upon CBD potency.

The newly launched calculators serve as tools to supplement previous Leafreport reports. The Dosage Calculator is meant to accompany the dosage report which found that more than 42% of CBD users self-determine dosage based on trial and error and that 71% of CBD users self-determine dosage without consulting a professional. The report also found that 48% of CBD users take the same dosage every time they consume CBD. The calculator allows users to determine what may be the best individual dosage for themselves or their pets.

Accompanying Leafreport’s end-of-year summary report, which found that 60% of products are mislabelled, the Lab Results Calculator provides information on the accuracy of CBD content. Following the results of Leafreport’s most recent pricing report, which found an 11,142% price difference between the cheapest and most expensive CBD brands, the Price Calculator allows users to determine whether they’re getting they’re paying a fair price for their favorite CBD products. Leafreport’s Potency Calculator allows users to measure a products’ CBD concentration.

“After taking a look at the results of some of our most recent surveys, we knew that releasing these calculators was the next logical step,” said Gal Shapira, Product Manager at Leafreport. “Leafreport’s goal has always been to increase transparency within the CBD market and these calculators help to further that mission by giving consumers a way to test rate and test products on their own.”

The reports mentioned are three of many reports completed by Leafreport aimed at informing consumers about various aspects of the CBD industry. The Company has previously sent CBD products to the cannabis testing lab Canalysis to see if they contained the advertised levels of CBD, among other tests. These reports include recent deep-dives into Delta-8, topicals, edibles, beverages, and more.

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