Kiva Sales And Service Announced Partnership With Autumn Brands

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ALAMEDA – Kiva Sales and Service (KSS), announced its partnership with Autumn Brands. Specializing in indoor sun grown cannabis from Santa Barbara County, the Autumn Brands’ family farm started in Holland more than a century ago, and today, sixth-generation farmers apply the same expertise garnered in growing the fine tulips to producing pure and potent strains of cannabis. As one of the first women-owned cannabis businesses in California, producing pure, pesticide-free, and potent strains of cannabis, Autumn Brands is 50 percent women-owned, united by the vision of two families, and dedicated to the synergy of health and wellness.

Kiva Sales and Service will be offering cannabis dispensaries a complete suite of Autumn Brands across multiple industry categories, including their 1/8 Glass Jar of Premium Cannabis Flower, 7 Pack Pre-rolls, 1 Gram Pre-rolls, Nourishing Muscle and Joint Salve, Thrive Elixir, and Warrior Elixir. With all of their products, Autumn Brands is committed to cultivating the highest-quality, pesticide-free, sungrown and indoor cannabis flower possible. They use a closed-loop watering system to ensure no water is wasted, and promote environmental health by refraining from the use of pesticides and utilizing a no-spray, 100% biocontrol program.

“Autumn Brand’s commitment to sustainability is an inspiration for this industry,” says KSS President Brooks Jorgensen. “Their care for the environment is clearly matched by their passion for cannabis, and our team can’t wait to help more California consumers discover and fall in love with their products.”

“Autumn Brands and KSS’s passion for providing premium products creates the perfect pathway for our pesticide-free flower, pre-rolls, salve, and elixirs to reach retailers and consumers that value health and wellness. We are thrilled to partner with a company that embraces family and women-owned businesses and that has curated a dynamic portfolio of brands that we are proud to join,” said Autumn Shelton, CFO, and Co-Founder of Autumn Brands. “My partners, Hans Brand, Hanna Brand, Johnny Brand, and I, are all confident our suite of health and wellness products will now be positioned for strategic expansion throughout California. This new collaboration between Autumn Brands and Kiva Sales and Service illustrates a sustainable and expansive path in an ever-changing industry.”

Kiva Sales and Service and Autumn Brands have extensive experience producing and releasing groundbreaking products while offering a visionary approach to connect with new, untapped cannabis consumers. This new partnership will accelerate a significant expansion of Autumn Brands’ products throughout California via the strategic deployment of distribution resources, and an integrated sales approach between the Autumn Brands and KSS sales teams.

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