Exploring the Growth and Challenges of Aurora Cannabis Inc: A Comprehensive Analysis

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LOS ANGELES– Aurora Cannabis Inc, the Canadian company that is paving the way for the cannabis industry, has announced the launch of a new program that aims to support and empower cannabis patients in their wellness journey. The program, called the Strainprint® App, is an award-winning journal that allows Aurora patients to track their medical cannabis journey and understand which strains, THC and CBD levels, ingestion methods, and doses work best for them.

The Strainprint App is designed to work in conjunction with the advice of healthcare professionals to provide patients with a comprehensive understanding of their cannabis usage. Patients can log their symptoms and consumption habits, explore new products, and learn more about strains to better manage their condition. All data entered and gathered by the app is anonymous and aggregated.

“We take a patient-first approach to cannabis and are proud to provide our patients with programs that improve their lives and their medical cannabis journey,” said Mike Jones, Senior Vice President of Medical at Aurora Cannabis. “By working with Strainprint, we can support our patients every step of the way, and further Aurora’s promise to prioritize patient well-being and provide the highest quality products.”

The launch of this program demonstrates Aurora’s commitment to the health and well-being of its patients. Through the Strainprint App, Aurora is not only providing patients with a tool to manage their condition, but also with access to information and resources that can enhance their overall quality of life. As a leading company in the cannabis industry, Aurora is setting the standard for patient care and demonstrating its dedication to advancing the field of medical cannabis.

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