Canadian Cannabis Consumers Moving Toward Legal Market, Study Finds

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WATERLO– A new study published in the Harm Reduction Journal has revealed that Canadian cannabis consumers are increasingly turning to the legal market. Researchers from the University of Waterloo’s School of Public Health conducted a survey of over 15,000 cannabis consumers, spanning from 2019 to 2021.

The study found that more respondents were legally sourcing their cannabis products year over year. The legal market was the preferred source for cannabis-infused drinks, oils, and capsules, and over half of respondents reported purchasing cannabis flower exclusively from licensed retailers. In 2019, less than half of consumers reported obtaining their cannabis products from legal sources. However, in 2020, nearly 70% of consumers reported purchasing from legal sources.

According to the study, “Legal sourcing of cannabis was greater in 2021 than 2020 for all ten cannabis products [surveyed]. In 2021, the percentage of consumers sourcing all their products legally in the past 12 months ranged from 49 percent of solid concentrate consumers in 2021 to 82 percent of cannabis drink consumers. Transitioning consumers of all cannabis products into the regulated market is important for public health and safety.”

The findings suggest that the legal market is gradually displacing the unregulated market, which is a positive development for the public health and safety of cannabis consumers in Canada. However, the study also calls for more research into the long-term trends in Canadian cannabis markets and the strategies that can be used to continue shifting consumers towards legal sources.

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