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LONDON– The CBD industry is here to stay and more and more retailers are starting to embrace what is likely to be the single biggest driver of the health and wellness market over the next few years. Some retailers* have started to explore this area, others are considering a move to selling CBD products, but may find it daunting. Alphagreen is Europe’s leading marketplace for selling CBD products and by using their wholesale channel, retailers can be guided and supported every step of the way.

Europe’s CBD market is still in its infancy, but already thriving. Some estimates project the value of the global CBD market to reach USD 5.3 billion by 2025[1]. Fifteen per cent of the UK population say they have bought CBD so far – that’s 7.8 million adults[2]. Alphagreen’s wholesale channel provides retailers with hassle-free access to the widest choice of CBD products, plus medical cannabis under license.

Retailers who sign up to the Alphagreen wholesale channel have access to a wealth of benefits to help them maximise their business potential and stay ahead of the competition. The benefits of Alphagreen’s Wholesale Channel include:

  • No more time-consuming dealings with distributors.
  • Pre-negotiated leading wholesale rates.
  • Free online training videos from brands provided for all shop staff.
  • Alphagreen’s Intelligence Suite provides consumer behaviour analytics to help de-risk purchasing decisions and maximise revenues for retailers. It is easy to monitor real-time trends and make data-driven decisions, meaning retailers are able to stock their inventory with confidence and spend less time managing stock and more time looking after their customers.
  • Instant delivery network with CBD shops acting as decentralised storage for brands and planned delivery to the door within 3 hours.
  • Retailers can attract new customers via Alphagreen’s CBD retailer map, as well as benefit from digital marketing initiatives executed by Alphagreen.
  • Benefit from Alphagreen’s unique combined expertise of technology and finance professionals, as well as pharmacists. The team is supported by an advisory panel consisting former and current CEOs of the major cannabis companies in South and North America, as well as prominent technology entrepreneurs.

Alexej Pikovsky, co-founder and CEO of Alphagreen says: “The CBD market is set to be huge and an ideal scenario is that a variety of CBD products will eventually be readily available in specialist shops, health food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, beauty stores, cafes and restaurants across the UK. However, when entering any new business area, it can be daunting. Alphagreen is here to form value-added partnerships with retailers wanting to invest in this area.”

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