Your CBD Store Helps Customers Get ‘TRIM’ With Fall Launch Of First-Ever CBD Weight-Loss Product Line

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PALMETTO, Fla. – Your CBD Store | SUNMED™, CBD retailer in the United States and a company with a unique approach to “plant science,” announced its product line yet – TRIM by SUNMED™. Now available exclusively at Your CBD Store locations across the USA, the efficacy of this revolutionary new line of weight loss products is corroborated by a first-of-its-kind human clinical study, which showed success amongst participants spanning over 13 weeks. The results of the study confirm the natural appetite suppressing benefits of THC-V, the main component of the TRIM by SUNMED™ product line.

“Your CBD Store is committed to bringing new and innovative products to our customers on a consistent basis, in a safe way that is backed by extensive research and our approach to plant science,” said Marcus Quinn, founder of Your CBD Store. “Our customers are at the heart of all product development, and we believe that TRIM by SUNMED™ fills a major void that has existed in the marketplace, using natural weight loss remedies as opposed to harsh stimulants, allowing hemp to do the work.”

TRIM by SUNMED™ is a solution for those seeking a natural alternative to kickstart their health and fitness journey. While traditional weight loss supplements routinely combine harmful stimulants and caffeine, causing adverse side effects that range from rapid heart rate to the “jitters” and headaches, TRIM by SUNMED™ utilizes therapeutic naturally derived cannabinoids that antagonize the CB-1 receptor and suppress pesky cravings.

By incorporating TRIM by SUNMED™ products into their daily routine – which should also include a healthy diet and active lifestyle – consumers can boost the effectiveness of their exercise and nutrition without making extreme adjustments. The recommended serving is 50mg per day over a 90-day introductory period. Clinical trial have shown up to 18lbs in weight reduction and up to 6 inches in waistline reduction resulting from consistent use of TRIM by SUNMED™ over the 90-day period (with averages of weight and waistline reductions of 9 pounds and 3 inches, respectively, results may vary).

Starting at an introductory price of $100, TRIM is available in a tincture (upper left) and a soft gel capsule (lower left), exclusively sold at Your CBD Store locations nationwide.

The TRIM launch comes after nearly two decades of global research around the connection between herbal dietary supplements and weight loss. The product’s most notable cannabinoid, THC-V, targets receptors in the brain associated with cravings, which lets the body know that it is satisfied – the opposite of the heightened cravings often associated with many other cannabis products. The benefits of TRIM not only include weight loss, but also improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and pain relief.

“We are excited to continue our path as a disruptor, leaning heavily on research and science to introduce new products that truly enhance the lives of our customers,” said Dr. Anthony Ferrari, chief science officer of Your CBD Store. “This natural approach to weight loss has many added benefits such as anti-inflammation, deeper and longer sleep as well as a reduction in pain, depression, and anxiety.”

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