WILD HEMP Hemp Cigarillos Expand Sales Through Retail

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DALLAS–WILD HEMP expanded its portfolio of hemp smokeables with the launch of five new flavored hemp Wild Hemp Cigarillos offerings.
Made in the USA from high quality certified US-grown hemp flower, hemp-wrapper, and hemp-flavors, the Wild Hemp Cigarillos are available in 2-count cigar foil pouches in five popular flavor styles, including Blueberry WidowLava CakeMango TrainwreckPineapple Blaze, and Sour Diesel.

“Sales pick-up has been rapid for the new Wild Hemp Cigarillos” says Mike Walters, VP of Sales at Texas-based Crown Distributing, who adds “that from pre-launch orders in recent weeks, the product is already available at approximately 1,000 independent retailers nationwide and has been listed by almost 200 wholesalers across the country.”

Zain Meghani, CEO of WILD HEMP® says “we have combined the best available US-only ingredients to give adults a smoking experience that just hits the mark in every way. Our cigarillos have been blended to appeal to the taste profile of discerning adult smokers looking for a satisfying and flavorful legal smoking alternative that is a totally smooth, flavorful, and aromatic smoking experience.  The Wild Hemp Cigarillo is great value for consumers as we pack two cigars in a sealed foil pouch to maintain freshness and flavor, and each pouch contains a convenient reusable wooden tip.”

Meghani, added “After enjoying phenomenal success with our Wild Hemp Hemp Wraps, we received many requests from retailers, wholesalers and adult consumers asking WILD HEMP® to create a pre-filled, non-tobacco, non-nicotine high quality hemp cigarillo.

We immediately got to work, and identified the best and most consistent hemp flower available that would deliver 250mg of CBD in every cigar. We also had to find the perfect hemp wrapper that would produce an even, but slow-burn for lasting enjoyment. Most significantly, we needed to get our flavors perfectly matched to adult consumer expectations, so we worked with many of the specialty flavor extractors to get high intensity aromas that have lasting flavor right through to the last draw of the cigar.

Our customers told us that to make their experience even more convenient by having a shatter-proof wooden tip included in each hemp cigar package as an alternative to the breakable glass tips found on some other hemp cigar brands. Combining all of these elements, we have a cigar product that is ideal for adult consumers, matched to current market demand for smokable legal hemp products and ideal for independent and convenience retailers.”

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