Tweedle Farms Announces New Rainbow Complete Spectrum CBD Oil

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SEASIDE, Ore. – Tweedle Farms, family-owned hemp farm, announced the launch of their all-new Rainbow Complete Spectrum CBD Oil.

This oil is unparalleled in its scope of cannabinoids, containing a higher number than any other full-spectrum CBD on the market. Consumers will benefit from CBD and other compounds, including CBN, in a single dropper packed with 50mg of total cannabinoids. This is intentional, as it helps to boost its bioavailability when ingested — for maximum effect from each dose taken orally.

Additionally, steam distilled plant-derived terpenes are included in this formula to maximize body absorption and ultimately result in an experience that goes beyond taking cannabis alone—due to synergy between these two components (terpenes + cannabinoids).

What does Complete Spectrum mean?
“Complete Spectrum” contains an abundance of cannabinoids in one dropper. In addition to having a calculated blend of steam-distilled plant-derived terpenes for added benefits, it also contains CBDa, CBGa, CBG, CBC, THC, and CBDv. This proprietary blend was developed by Tweedle Farms to ensure users have a superior experience to other products available on the market.

Why is CBDa Important?
CBDa is the precursor of CBD. It is found in all hemp flowers, but when it is heated it converts to CBD. As such, a CBD product that contains a substantial amount (in the case of Complete Spectrum Rainbow CBD Oil, it’s 40%) of raw cannabinoids is a special thing.

CBDa works with 5-HT receptors to mediate neurotransmission much more efficiently compared to other cannabinoids. Additionally, CBDa can block the COX-3 enzyme, an enzyme associated with inflammation. More studies are needed to understand the full benefits of this non-addictive cannabinoid.

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