Sana Botanicals, LLC Announced the Launch of FORCE™ 3000mg Full-Spectrum 30ml CBD Tincture at $29.99

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JOELTON, Tenn. – Sana Botanicals, LLC’s founding member and product marketing specialist, Will Daugherty, announced that Sana Botanicals is releasing their most powerful, full-spectrum CBD tincture at $29.99 retail pricing.

After five years of making an effective and specialized tinctures for the CBD market, Sana Botanicals, LLC has leveraged its advanced extraction and distillation techniques to the advantage of the consumer and retailers alike. By working with their agricultural suppliers and leveraging processing techniques found in large-scale laboratory refining operations, Sana Botanicals, LLC has successfully developed FORCE™, a full-spectrum tincture that is affordable for the public and creates access to those in need of the therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids found in full-spectrum extracts.

Sana’s highly refined extracts create a CBD-rich extract that tastes good and is incredibly effective, especially for those who utilize doses of 100mg or more.

“We found in retail testing that most customers switch to our product to try it, and they are so surprised by the potency and efficacy that they question the strength of their original brand. CBD products continue to be underdosed, unregulated, and in our opinion, a risky proposition for consumers,” said Will Daugherty, Partner. “By continually refining our processes and working to understand the needs of the consumers who rely on CBD products, we at Sana put our resources to the test and developed an ultra-refined product that is not only potent and good tasting, but also manufactured in a CGMP certified facility with pharmaceutical-grade stability testing and certified organic MCT oil.”

Sana Botanicals’ retailers have seen phenomenal growth in sales in the tincture category with the introduction of this product in a period where CBD sales growth has been largely flat. There remains a great deal of interest in CBD products, but affordability and efficacy are key components.

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