Pervasip Corp Acquires Slurped & Starts Nano Emulsified Products’ Division

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LOS ANGELES– Pervasip Corp, a developer of companies and technologies in high value emerging markets, has announced the acquisition of Slurped, a nano tincture brand, and the establishment of Artizen Nano, a division focused on the development of nano emulsified products. The acquisition of United Consulting Services (UCS) has enabled Pervasip to implement the Artizen Nano division, which will develop various products for the cannabis and non-cannabis markets.

Nano emulsification is a process that produces nano-sized droplets of one liquid suspended within another liquid using an emulsifying agent. This technology allows for the creation of high surface area-to-volume ratio emulsions, ideal for use in a variety of applications such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and industrial applications.

The food and beverage industry is expected to be a significant contributor to the growth of the nano emulsification market, which can improve the texture, stability, and shelf life of products. Additionally, nanoemulsions have potential health benefits and can improve the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and supplements, making them more effective in promoting overall health and wellness.

As per Grand View Research’s 2021 Nanoemulsions Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, the global nanoemulsification market size was valued at USD 8.67 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 19.34 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period 2021-2028.

Artizen Nano’s first product rollout is Slurped, a high potency and flavorful nano tincture currently distributed in Washington State by Minglewood Brands. Slurped is a bridge between the exotic soda & lean subculture and industry disruptive innovation. With proven, long-term shelf stability, it is a potent syrup that customers mix with their favorite sodas.

According to German Burtscher, Pervasip’s President and CEO, “With the acquisition of UCS and Slurped, we are taking a careful step into the world of industrial quality nano-emulsification. Our research tells us that the next stage of nano will require micron sizes of 20nm and sometimes sub-micron sizes to achieve either optimum bioavailability for targeted delivery of wellness-focused products or specific properties such as stability, shelf life for beverages and tinctures to ensure that the emulsion remains stable and does not separate over time.”

Alexander Winstead, Founder and President of Slurped and UCS, adds, “We are excited to bring our ultrasonic nanoemulsion process to the consumer market at a commercial scale. Our mission is to provide consumers with a premium edible product that is fully suspended so users can properly dose with no active ingredients settling and creating a highly bioactive product that goes directly in your bloodstream instead of your liver for a fast onset time.”

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