New CBD Strength Gummy from House of Wise Empowers Women to Reclaim Their Workout Routines, Make the Most of Time Spent in Motion

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MIAMI – CBD and personal wellness brand House of Wise announced a new vertical in its line of vegan CBD products: Strength. The new CBD Strength Gummy by House of Wise is made with 15mg of full-spectrum, organically grown CBD to elicit calm, focus, and reduced inflammation for fitness; 60mg of caffeine and B vitamins for added energy and endurance; and 10mg of beetroot juice, which helps red blood cells carry oxygen through the body more efficiently, ultimately preventing fatigue and supporting sustainable endurance.

Humans perform best when the body has energy. Whether our movement goals are to accomplish an intense training run, take part in a quick at-home spin session, play with kids, or dance with friends, all movement is worthy and valid. Having adequate energy, endurance, and focus helps us to achieve the best outcomes from movement. Strength by House of Wise provides a balanced boost of energy and endurance, along with a sense of calm and focus, so users can be intentional and present in their activities.

“Feeling my best so I can perform well in all facets of my life is a top priority for me right now,” said Ben Smith, fitness coach and co-founder of Rodeo Athletic (formerly Bodybuilding Club). “House of Wise makes products that help me optimize the way I feel at work, at rest, and now at the gym. I’m proud to partner with a mission-driven, woman-led company that aligns with my belief that strength and fitness are for everyone, and every body.”

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful carrier agent. While most frequently associated with eliciting feelings of calm, as a carrier agent CBD also helps the body maximize the impact of active ingredients — such as caffeine for energy, B vitamins, and beetroot juice for endurance. Simple ingredients made more effective allowed for the creation of a preworkout supplement that is straightforward yet impactful. Strength by House of Wise should be taken 30 minutes before a workout, helping users switch from work mode to workout mode, giving time to own the transition and be in the headspace of movement and strength.

“Fitness has always been a big part of my life. As a former athlete and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, working out has always been a staple part of my routine. That was, until I had three kids and a demanding career to manage. Making space and being intentional about my time at the gym became much more challenging, so I explored supplements to help me find energy and endurance. With everything I tried, I still lacked focus, found I was too sensitive to the large quantities of caffeine, and was highly skeptical of all the ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce,” said Amanda Goetz, Founder & CEO of House of Wise. “I knew I wanted to develop a preworkout solution to serve high-performing women who just wanted to use movement and fitness to better their bodies and their minds. I get energy from working out. I sleep better when I’ve expended energy through exercise. I am able to manage my stress when I’m well rested. I sleep better when I have an orgasm and release oxytocin. Our strength and fitness, stress, sleep and sexual wellness are all intrinsically interdependent, which is why I’ve chosen to focus on these key areas for our collection of high-quality CBD products.”

House of Wise is on a mission to empower women to achieve better results in all areas of their lives, from sleep, stress, and sex, and now, strength. Included in each package of Strength Gummies are ten individually wrapped gummies, perfect for tossing into a gym bag or slipping into a pocket or fitness pouch. Strength by House of Wise introduces all new packaging to the House of Wise family of CBD products, offering more flexibility in transporting and sharing individually wrapped gummies, as well as using more sustainable products with the use of post-consumer recycled paper and less waste with more precise and efficient product wrappings.

In addition to the House of Wise Strength Gummy, House of Wise also features a collection of six other standalone CBD products with thoughtfully curated, natural active ingredients: Stress Gummies, Stress Drops, Sleep Gummies, Sleep Drops, Sex Gummies, and Sex Serum along with curated product bundles for a complete wellness routine. All of the brand’s CBD products are derived from organic, NSF Certified, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), kosher, and halal hemp. House of Wise uses high-quality, full-spectrum hemp grown in-house at manufacturer facilities in Colorado.

House of Wise gummies, drops, and kits are available now from hundreds of Wise Women across the country and at

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